Jitbit Helpdesk Ticketing Software: Your one-stop ticketing solution

by Apr 10, 20150 comments

Genre : Business
Platform : Web
Developer : Jitbit Software
Rating : 4
Positives : Clean user interface, available as app and on-premise
Negatives : none


Jitbit Helpdesk is a one-of-a-kind helpdesk ticketing software. Not only does it come as a cloud- hosted app, but also comes as an on-premise software. With this added flexibility and the perks of the well-designed user interface, this webapp has a long way to go. It can be accessed from your comfort zone on any browser anywhere, or on a touch device or a smartphone. You do not need to install it even to get started.

The aim of this app is to help you manage your emails effectively. In order to generate a ticket manually, you would have to put in a lot of time and effort into data entry manually, also leaving in scope for error. However, this is taken care of by this app, which does all of this automatically for you. If you ask a customer or a client to add a category to their form, the app will immediately send the right engineer to them.

Jitbit helps you make your system portable and flexible by placing all your data in a single place. In case you have to replace an employee or collaborate with your team, all your data is available in one place for you to access, avoiding any confusion or miscommunication of any kind. Even if an employee joins later on, you do not have to worry about transferring your data to the new one.

Another huge advantage of this software is that you can purchase the codes and tweak it as per your requirements too. It comes with a large set of features that add a host of functionality to the app. Some of these features include JIRA- integration, Active Directory integration, Knowledge based, ticket queue, file attachments, categorization engine, automation, search and many other handy tools. It is also integrated with Google Drive.

Jitbit keeps things simple and down to earth by adding only the necessary features/ Unlike most helpdesk software, it has not been loaded with a host of unwanted features such as Facebook and Twitter integration. The app developers indeed do believe in simplicity and functionality, which happens to be the theme of the design for this app. To add to this, the customer support provided by the app is very strong. If you need any kind of help or additional features, you just have to contact them and they will take care of it for you.

The user interface of this app has been designed keeping the customer in mind entirely. It is neat, simple and easy to use. The dashboard is indeed a delight to work with, thanks to its clean and immaculate appearance. There are no complex statistics or reports up there. It allows you to manage your team and your clients side by side effectively. With it, you can clean up trash, tag tickets, track progress, keep a tab on your finances and performance reports and much more. Adding this software to your site takes no more than a few seconds. You just have a copy and paste a small snippet of code to your web page and you are done.

Good: Clean user interface, available as app and on-premise

Bad: none

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