Junior Coder – Programming Game App for Kids

by Feb 1, 20160 comments

Genre : Education
Platform : iPad
Developer : NybleApps LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, kids app, concept
Negatives : None

About Junior Coder:
Junior Coder is a Visual basic programming app of Size 27.9 MB that is free to download and supported by iphones and ipads. It is an exciting game that enhances computer programming ideas to its players especially kids. This app uses games and puzzles to introduce the basics of computer programming. After completing each game players can design new puzzles of their own and play by themselves or with their friends. This is the most creative and effective way to facilitate learning.

Features of Junior Coder:
Junior coder has 5 levels that will help you master the idea and then they come up with identical puzzles to compete amongst themselves. Games that enhance algorithms and sequences are also available for free. Some extra games are available with an in-app purchase.


1. Algorithms
2. Sequencing techniques
3. Looping & repetition
4. Procedural and functional thinking
5. Flow control
6. Correction of errors and Problem Solving
7. Logics e.g. Boolean logic

This game begins with simple algorithms and then proceeds to more complex programming concepts such as conditional flows, looping, If..Else and much more. The stellar award chart monitors the process and motivates players. Players are awarded with badges and medals after they succeed in each game. Junior coder is excellent for classroom instructional activities and is great for programming.


Playing Junior Codes:
In this game players drag and drop basic commands like hop, move, turn and light into methods of instructions. Every blocky level creates a challenge for players to come up with a program that directs Lightbot through every level and light up the specific tiles.

This is a game that involves a lot of coding, hence offers future programmers and computer scientists a hint of what programming might involve. Players can learn mathematics skills, sequencing skills, technological Skills featuring an excellent graphical style.

Learning Approaches:
Puzzles only touches the basics of programming, it only provides ideas on introduction to computer programming.

This game provides players with simple support and direction; kids using this app may require help from adults.

Junior coder is cheerful and enjoyable. Young kids will be enjoy dragging and dropping functions in programming since its graphics are appealing.

As the game proceeds, players may experience difficult concepts that need some explaining. When the puzzles becomes complex they need long sequences of steps that may tend to be challenging even to the adult players. As you play the game several times, you get experience hence you will open your mind and understand the game more, thus understand many of the basic concepts of computer programming.

1. Fun.
2. Effective.
3. Not over addictive.
4. Free to purchase.
5. It is engaging and the best learning approach.

1. Only involves basic programming.
2. Sometimes users may experience difficulties when playing this game.

Final verdict:
When introducing people to programming, coding or computer science, junior coding is the best way to do that. It works best for people who wants to start programming earlier and get young kids understand coding within few minutes. This app features multiple puzzles and progress tracking that suits all players.

Worth Having App – Download the App