Just For Kids: Look & Find: Fun Activities!

by Sep 27, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Booty Bay Limited
Rating : 5
Positives : UI, graphics, fun
Negatives : none

If you are in search of an Educational Game for your child, which could help him learn as well as enjoy at the same time, then you are just one step away from getting it.

Presenting the all new “Look & Find: Fun Activities!”, Educational Game by Booty Bay Limited, the perfect match for your children. Till now the most impressive game for kids, available on iTunes for both iPhone and iPad.
The game follows an adventurous story line starting at the Zoo, with various maps to discover along the way. In total there are 3 maps available along with 12 different themes to keep your child attracted towards learning. The main aim of the game is to find the required animals and objects hiding in the picture. As you get to the welcome screen of the game you can notice a fun colorful intro with lots of animals portrait in cartoon style, a massive attraction for kids.


With over 60 different words and different images available to make learning easy, build to enhance children vocabulary. The Game is available in 6 different languages easy for children to get a starters grip on foreign language skills.

Mostly children are attracted towards colors, so keeping in mind those learning tactics of children, the game is designed with colorful pictures to promote your child’s imagination as well as learning and understanding skills. The children nowadays are more engaged towards learning on phones.

The charming graphics with addition of bright colors keep your child engaged towards learning. Applications like these are the best way to keep your children busy while on a long car trip or in the waiting room. The bonus part of this Game is that it is advertisement free. Nowadays children get bored of the advertisement and move on to other stuff, but thanks to the creator for keeping this Game ads free, making a bonus point for children to enjoy freely.
The high quality graphics keep your child attracted and busy while you take of your chores, along with the fast learning process with the help of the game for your child. The secure and ad-free environment motivates children to progress more and more within the game.

Moving onto the disadvantages of the game, the game itself is great but the major problem associated with it is that it has less maps to cover. In simple words, the game is easily finish-able, if your child is a gamer-whiz and loves to play more and more games, then he could end the game within 1 week or less.

The age restriction in the game is Age 5 or under not more than that, It should have been up to 8 years, different gaming levels like Easy, Medium and Hard should have been added, making it more attractive for children over 5 years.

Overall, the game is great. Its a must have game if you have children. Currently there are some flaws in the game but soon they will be fixed by time. More updates are to come in the future.

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