Keepify to Provide Effective Tools for Customer Retention

by Oct 20, 20130 comments

Platform : Web
Developer : Keepify
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Good concept, Great UI
Negatives : None


Keeping a close look at all your customers or users is not quite easy. When the number of users is quite big the problem becomes even more amplified and retaining some customers becomes difficult. There are some users who are possible churners and the possibility of leaving is quite high. The companies have found it quite difficult to find out possible churners. However, with Keepify, you get tools to find out the possible churners and then use policies to retain them. It is a web app based on four tools that are easy to use and they can retain your customers and increase the profit to certain extent.

Keepify is a web app that is available for all and no matter what the size of your user base; you can use the software to find solutions. It has been found that retaining a customer does not take as much as it takes to acquire one. It actually increases your profit by 25% when you retain 5% customers who were about to go. With the simple web based application of Keepify you can predict the users who are going to leave and send campaign mails to them in order to retain them. Some of the customers would go as the company does not provide much attention and does not send enough campaign mail. Reminding them about the existence of the company and special offer will solve the problem.


  • Keepify is based on tools which determine the churners based on their click activities. The tool will predict the list of possible churners and then, you can take action based on the list.
  • Not only the software tells you about the possible leavers but it also lets you know the possible reason of leaving. You can take action accordingly.
  • The company also lets you design as many campaigns as you like.  You can select the number of churners for the day or the previous weeks and send them the mail at a certain point of time.
  • It is possible to send test mails before you actually send the mail.
  • You can always check the preview of the mail and then send to the user. This will let you know how the mails will look and you will be able to make edits.
  • You can send emails to those who have cancelled their account recently and that would be a great feedback for you.
  • You can check the graph or the stat for the retained people and the amount saved due to the same.
  • You can schedule the campaign sending to the churners. This will automate the process and you will not have to do it personally, every time.

Summary: Keepify is made for people who are interested to keep their customers and build loyalty towards their company. The world is full of competition today and your loss means gain to someone else. In such a condition customer retention becomes crucial and that can be done well with Keepify.

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