Koko – Android App Review

by Nov 2, 20170 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : Android
Developer : Ideawise Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics
Negatives : none

Are you searching for an app that will help you to catch up with your friends? If you are searching for the most effective dating app, then this article has good news for you. There are many social networking apps that are available in the market today, but koko dating beats all of them. This is an app that is committed to helping users to fight stress through crowdsourcing their worries and questions. The app helps its users to post their statuses as well answering other user’s questions.  This article will provide a positive Koko iphone app review that you need to know.

Features of the Koko iPhone App

-Position Location

The app will let users know where their preferred partner is located using Google maps.
-Chat feature

The app provides a platform for users to chat and flirt while having fun. This also makes it possible for them to obtain hottest dates using their phones.

-Contacts management

The app makes it possible for users to save their favorite contacts in it for future reference


The app notifies the user every time a new status is posted on their timeline. This helps them to stay updated all the time as they are able to respond to their messages promptly.


Users of this app can be able to exchange short messages using their iphones. They can call each other as well using the Koko iphone App.

-Voting feature

It gives users a chance to vote for other users until they get their dream date with their partners. It may help you to kiss and flirt with your dream partner.

-Matches you with your favorite lover

It does not matter whether you are sentimental or shy,  the Koko app will link you with your perfect mate

Advantages of Koko iPhone App to its users

There are many reasons that have made users continue using Koko dating app as discussed below

-You can use the app on any type of phone as long as an internet connection

– You can send messages using the app as long as your phone has a browser

-It gives you a chance where you are located instead of relying on GPS which may be very slow

– The app is free to use as there is no signup or configuration that is required

-It does not require you to unlock the features because the app is absolutely free

– Koko app helps you get dates faster-you are just required to click and organize a date with a person in real life

-The app is secure as it does not share your details with third parties without your consent. It does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment on this platform.

– It helps users to meet people in real life when they are dating


-it is expensive compared to other dating apps

-It is not easy to tell genuine from fake people on the internet.

Final Verdict

From my own experience, I can say that the Koko app gives you a chance to have a quick date while having fun. Download it today and grab your first date.

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