KOTAK – Fun App with Lot of Excitements !!

by Mar 15, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Kotak LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : fun, easy to use
Negatives : none

Kotak basically refers to an app that can allow you as the user to send 3D characters, as well as emojis with sound. They will enable you to express yourself by sending a 3D slap to friends. You can also surprise your friends by sending a character that does funny behavior such as farting. You can send an animated slap, or even punch with a sound effect to friends, where you can also add an alternative text of whichever message that you want to communicate, which helps you to express yourself to your friend in a unique way. You can design in whichever way that you choose.


If you want to express yourself or just send a unique animated message, then Kotak would be the most appropriate app for you. This is because you can be able to send unique animated characters in the message, such as a slap animation, or even a punch animation, that enables you to simply express a message. Other features are such as;
– Ability to include text message together with the slap: You can be able to send a text message on whatever you want to communicate with the animated slap or punch animation, that will enable you to clearly communicate with your friend.


– Virtually slap a friend, family, or just someone close to you: This feature will enable you to have a visualization of virtually slapping your friend, family member or anyone you send the message.
– Ability to send an animated punch animation: You can be able to send an animated punch that can also express a message to your friend, just like the slap animation, where they can also give a response to the message. All the images will be in a 3D form, which looks like virtual reality. You will get to design the punch to whichever form you want.


– You can be able to interact with a friend through the app by sending the animated slaps, emojis with a message feature
– Ability to have fun, while sending the animated punch or slap to a friend and hence a platform to socialize more.
– Easy to install and use application: It does not need much space to install or procedure and in use.
– Cheap in cost: Priced at only $0.99, it can be described as a free application.
– Easy to express yourself with the app while still having fun at the same time.


It may not be very interesting to certain users, as it is only limited to emojis and the animated slaps and punches- It may not be compatible to certain devices- It is only supported in iPhone devices.

The Kotak iPhone app is basically the best app that you can use to communicate while expressing yourself to your friends. Whether you just want to have fun or simply interact with a friend in an interesting friend, then you can be able to use the app and interact with your friend while sending the fun messages that you desire. It is also very cheap, hence appropriate for use by everyone. Try it today for the awesome and fun experience of a lifetime with friends!

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