Laser Pegs : A Unique Toy Game for iPad

by Dec 31, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad
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Laser pegs is a unique toy game that helps to educate kids with problem solving, pattern recognition and learn how to coordinate their hands and eyes movements. This game brings back a childhood game similar to Lego bricks on the iPad.

Although the parts are similar to pipes, the gameplay is similar to the actual Lego game. You can twist and turn parts in the 3D world. Moreover, the parts can be rotated in 3D. If you cannot fit the pegs, you can rotate them to fit. However, where you placed them in the 3D platform matters as it is critical to how fast you complete the game. You can even create a manual on how to fit the individual pieces together and share the manual on Facebook to boast about your achievements.

There is one cool feature in the game. You can light up the pieces and play the game in the dark. This game helps parents to teach their children about problem solving without worrying that their children will swallow the Lego pieces in their mouths.

The game includes a tutorial where you can learn how to place a peg on the stage and how to rotate or move the stage. Navigating around in the game is easy. You just need to tap on one of the pieces on the left and they will appear on the stage. Then, you can rotate and drag the pieces where you want them to be.

The game is free to play without any hidden in-app purchases. This is good for parents who want to save money on buying educational apps for their children. There is a Laser Pegs network where you can submit your artwork. The physical pegs are sold on the lpnetwork website. There are different laser pegs kits available on the website. You can choose to build a dragon, spaceship, helicopter or even a butterfly model by buying the ready-to-build kits online. However, no purchase is needed when you are using this game to interact with your kids.

Laser Pegs is one of the unique games on the iTunes App Store because there are endless possibilities with this game. You can make dozen of models using the game and construct manuals for other people to follow so that they can make your “creations”. For creative people who like to assemble things will love this game as it gives them the space to create and innovate. This game is not necessary just for kids. Adults can try out this game as well.

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