Lectures Scanner – The Mobile Scanner App For You

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Genre : Education
Platform : Android
Developer : STOIK
Rating : 4
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Smart Phones have become more common in our day to day lives. These small gadgets have revolutionized the way we do things to a great extent. The smart phone companies are also trying to make themselves ubiquitous in the academic field. One of the greatest problems faced by the student community is while listening to important and informative lectures by their professors. They have to copy down the notes and understand it, so that they will be able to understand the following class lectures. What if there is so much to take down within a short duration of time? Students always opt for taking photocopies or they will be in search of scanners, many times it is a tiring and time consuming process. Lecturers Scanner is an android app, which has been developed and launched by Stoic Imaging Company that serves as a powerful learning tool for the students. This app will be of great use to the student community because they can get to scan multiple pages of lecturer notes within a matter of minutes; it helps them to save their valuable time spent in copying notes.

Lectures Scanner app can also be used by students, small business owners and many other people. This app helps the people to save their money, instead of investing in an equipment in order to scan and send the business related documents. Lectures Scanner app provides the users the portability by making the scanning, archiving and emailing of information in a convenient manner by performing all these activities on the go. It also satisfies the day to day needs of the students by effective document management solution it has to offer. The users can scan and send any type of document.


  • Enhances the quality of the images which are scanned
  • The app provides the users with the scan options for any type of documents.
  • The intuitive user interface in the app makes the operation very convenient for the users.
  • There is a wide variety of document and text editing tools enabling the users to work with any type of document.
  • The app also has the options to print the document and you can also save it in USB and Flash Drives.
  • Any document can be stored in a very fine PDF format.
  • The app also allows the users to add in their handwritten notes and also their signatures which make the app even more attractive.
  • The users can scan and save multiple pages at any time and from anywhere.
  • Social network integration and cloud storage helps the users to share and access their images in a better way.
  • The automatic perspective correction and edge detection are the distinguishing features of the app.


Lectures Scanner is a very useful app for the students and also for the other common people such as business owners and small shop owners. This app can be downloaded from the android market for free, so download and enjoy its benefits.

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