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Genre : Finance
Platform : Web
Developer : Lendify
Rating : 4.5
Positives : simple, easy to use, UI
Negatives :

Do you know that in Sweden there are thousands of people who pay an unreasonably high interest on their loans and credit card debt, which is totally unfair according to many of the people. Personally, I believe that it truly needs to be changed by some authority or any other marketplace for the welfare of people living in Sweden. Isn’t it? So, there is something that can be used to lower the interest rates of the borrowers and it’s known as Lendify. With the use of modern digital tools and technology, it has become possible for creating the best marketplace for borrowers as well as investors.

Basically, what Lendify is? It’s the largest peer to peer lending platform for loans in Sweden. It has cancelled the involvement of banks and therefore often offers significantly lower interest rates. It connects borrowers with the investors and often better terms and solid returns for them. Lendify provides a new type of loan for the borrowers and can also provide great rates for the borrowers. It offers a complete digital application process, which is fast, transparent and flexible. Under its unique loyalty program, Lendify rewards which lowers the borrower’s interest rate when paying back on time.

You can invest with Lendify and become your own bank. By using Lendify, you can use the banks model and lend your money to the creditworthy borrowers. You can use the Autoinvest service to calculate the expected interest. Just choose your time horizon, how much money you want to invest. Whether you want to make monthly deposits or wish to reinvest the monthly payments that you receive from the borrowers. On the other hand, you can apply for loans in just 2 minutes and get an instant offer. By understanding the terms and conditions and accepting them, you can apply for loans. If your application is approved and the agreement is signed, you can get the money transferred straight into your bank account.

To create an account on Lendify you need to fulfil some requirements:

  • No payment notices
  • Yearly income at least 180 000 Kr
  • Registered resident in Sweden
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • No debt at Kronofogden

To proceed further, you can see two buttons on the homepage of the website: one is for investing and other is for borrowing. You can learn more about both of them and start what you want to!  So click on the correct button and you’re good to go!

The customers who have collected their loans with Lendify have lowered their monthly costs by $1,950 on an average. If you also want to lower your monthly cost of your private loans and raise your credit rating, then try using Lendify! To check the rates, you can apply for a loan and see how much lower interest you can get?

So Lendify is a must have app for the people seeking for loans as well as investing money in Sweden. Grab it now!

Pros: easy to use platform; helpful for people who pay high interests; largest marketplace; connects investors to the borrowers; used modern technology; cuts the bank and intermediaries; rewards with lower interest rates; flexible tool. 

Cons: none.

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