LEO Privacy Guard -Complete Privacy to your Phone

by Sep 18, 20150 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Android
Developer : Leomaster
Rating : 4
Positives : secured, UI, easy to use
Negatives : None

With the advent of smartphone and Android, privacy has been an issue as phones have evolved to contain a lot of private information and intimate data. Phones can easily pass hands and land in wrong hands more often. Therefore, the Leo Privacy Guard app endeavors to mitigate and prevent one’s phone from prying eyes and data landing in the wrong hands and eyes. This review, therefore, seeks to analyze the app above.The Leo privacy guard app is designed to block people from spying on the phone owner.


As many apps, therefore, it can’t be said to be the best app but for an average user, it serves the purpose satisfactorily. The home interface presents an unlock mechanism, whereby one sets and draws a pattern with a maximum of five trials. The app has three main sections, the first one being an apps lock, overall protection, and an apps details sections. The app lock sections have the guest mode and the home mode. The home mode that keeps everything unlocked and guest mode contains locked apps. Once you enable guest mode, then one can choose the preferred apps to be locked.


The app eases the app locking task by arranging apps in accordance with a frequency of use saving the user time spent scrolling over to seek an app to lock. An option to the pattern lock is the false pin. This introduces a false interface that makes one believe that the app or the home malfunctions but a sliding trick on the close button by the phone owner will unlock the app.The app equally provides protection mode, with a privacy evaluation mechanism that advises the phone owner on the privacy level. This can be ignored by the user if he or she believes that there is no need to hide extra apps.The Leo privacy guide can help hide more than just apps.


The app can lock and hide photos and videos. It further has the capability to create a secret message chatting interface that hides text messages shared with chosen numbers. The app equally provides a private contact book, contacts of which can only be accessed within the app. Subsequently the numbers are excluded from the conventional call log and messages app. The hidden data can be reinstated to the main menu by a quick process using the options button. In addition to that, apps and data can be deleted via the app. Lastly, the “my apps” section evaluates the properties that helps one to uninstall huge apps and free the phone’s ram and significantly increase the phone’s processing speed.

In conclusion, the Leo Privacy Guard is fit for its purpose and can be said to be so good an app to be accessed for free. However, the app is short of escape routes that create a fake empty content interface using a false password as can be observed in Hide It Pro or Audio Manager. Equally the false password is a loophole for possible breach of privacy, which is the primary purpose of the app

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