Leo Privacy Guard- Lock&Boost: Make your phone smart and safe

by Dec 13, 20150 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Android
Developer : Leomaster
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use, secure
Negatives : None

In the wake of recent events, privacy has come to the forefront as an issue of increasing concern. All of us demand privacy of our data and personal lives. None of us wants anyone else checking their phone. After all, we have so much personal data on it, ranging from chats to videos to photos to documents and more. One can map out a person’s whole life just by looking at his phone. To fulfil this demand for privacy, a number of security apps have been developed to keep our phones safe. However, there has not been even a single perfect one.


Leo Privacy Guard- Lock&Boost, an Android app by Leomaster, is as close to perfection as an app can get. This app has the best security features that you can find for an Android smart phone so far. It is indeed one of the best and the most reliable. Once you get this app, you no longer have to worry about anyone snooping into your phone or looking into it even by mistake.


The first and foremost feature of this app that everyone likes is its ability to lock individual apps that have data that must be hidden from prying eyes. Doing this is as simple as going to Leo Privacy Guard and selecting the apps you would like to look by selecting their icons. You could also put a set of apps into a single group and lock the group. These settings can be saved in either guest mode or custom mode. Once you do this, you will have to enter a password every time you wish to access any of these apps.


We all have secrets that we wish to hide from others. This app respects that and protects our secrets. You can hide certain videos and photos so that no one else can view them when your gallery is opened. Also, you can secure your SMS log and hide messages that you do not want others to see.

To make management of your apps easier, this app also comes with a built in app manager. You do not have to visit the phone settings to change the settings of an app each time anymore. Through this app, you can uninstall apps as well as back them up. Your data plan and battery usage can also be controlled through this app. you can even open or access other apps through this one via the shortcuts it has. All you have to do is swipe to go to the shortcuts.

To give your phone an appealing look, there are lots of beautiful designs available for the lock screen. Users can download these and apply one of their choices. The app comes with an easy to use interface that does not take any getting used to. If anyone tries to break you’re your phone, the app will click selfies of them and alert you. Also, the app helps boost the speed and performance of your phone. Once you download and install it, the decrease in the lag is quite evident. All in all, this is an app that makes your life a lot simpler, while protecting your data.

Good: Feature to lock individual apps

Bad: None

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