LEO Privacy Guard : Worth Having Privacy App

by Nov 20, 20150 comments

Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, UI
Negatives : None

If you’re like thousands of Americans who own an iPhone, the chances are, you’re addicted to yours. These days, we rely on these increasingly clever devices for just about everything, from finding the best online shopping deals and reading books, to sharing videos and keeping in touch with friends. We can even manage our personal finances, track our budgets and keep on top of work emails with an endless offer of apps that make our lives easier.


But is all this sharing and saving of highly sensitive personal and company information really such a good idea? Are you aware of ways that you can protect your privacy easily and for free? According to the annual ‘State of the Net’ report, in the past 12 months alone, around 7 million smartphones in the United States were damaged, lost or stolen, with approximately 5.5 million of those affected by  ‘undesirable behavior’.

If ever there was a need for a security app to protect your private information, the time is now. The new LEO Privacy Guard app for iPhone is simple-looking and fairly easy to use, bringing the user peace of mind that, should their phone fall into the wrong hands, some of their information will be remain inaccessible.


Available on the app store for free, users are presented with a green slogan that says “keep secrets deep inside your heart and Privacy Guard” with an image of what looks to be a cheating husband and a disgruntled wife in the background, suggesting that this popular application is more for pleasure rather than business. There are several cool features to the LEO Privacy Guard, but protecting your email isn’t one of them, so corporate clients will probably look elsewhere.

But if you’ve ever been in a situation where you wanted to take photos of a person or place without anyone else finding out, then you’ll appreciate the first of this app’s features, Album, which allows for private photo albums that can only be accessed by answering your secret question, or entering your fingerprint. This will appeal to parents who have photos they don’t need their children to see, anyone planning a surprise event, or, well, those of us who just want to keep certain aspects of their lives private.

The Safe is probably the best of this app’s features, as you can enter multiple bank card details and login information for as many accounts as you wish. For those of us who find ourselves opening up a new account on the Internet every other day, requiring increasingly complex passwords with special characters, numbers and letters that we never remember, now we can note them all down in one place – highly convenient.

The private camera feature allows quick access to your private albums and you can also access your Facebook account protected by the LEO privacy shield. The monitor function is also pretty interesting, as it displays how much RAM space you’re using, available storage left and how much CPU1 and CPU2 is available (for the really tech savvy among you).

One feature that remained unclear to this reviewer however, is the QR Code function and, with no obvious instructions, this will probably remain a mystery, as the “About” section of the app displays a privacy policy and nothing more. There is the option to send LEO feedback though, so perhaps they will reveal what this part of the app is for to those who want to know more.


There are better apps out there and business users will need a higher level of security than the LEO Privacy Guard provides. But the convenience of storing multiple account information and the fact that you can keep certain albums completely private make the app a worthwhile download.

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