Let Yentle App Unveil the Secret Love

by Feb 16, 20160 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Devista B V
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use, identity hidden
Negatives : None

This is a great month that individuals express their love to the people they treasure and cherish. Interestingly, this amazing app has been upgraded just in time to enable those in love to easily get together especially if one has a crush that he or she secretly admires. It was actually updated on the eve of Valentine (13th February, 2016).

In terms of compatibility, it works efficiently on iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch devices. In relation to operating system, one will be required to have installed iOS 8.0. It can also work on any latest version of iOS. The Yentle app from Devista B.V has incorporated two major languages; Dutch and English thus making it accessible and effective to many users.


Operation of Yentle App

The main purpose for this app is to bring together individuals who have not been able to openly admit their love. It will enable one to discover if the secret crush is in love with him/her or not. Actually it works in a simple systematic manner that is easy to understand. At first, the user will be required to link the app with his or her email address and phone contact. The next step is to establish a particular unique Yentle Code.. The next thing that follows is creating a short lovely note with a great message to the secret crush. An individual can then wait for the response from the secret crush.


Distinct Features of Yentle App

  1. Creation of a secret code

This amazing app applies a personal approach when it comes to liking those who are about to date or having a crush on other people secretly. Once that unique code has been created and sent along with a little note, everything is kept as a secret until there is a perfect match; this is in relation to the phone number and email address. Apparently, the unique code is available to the users at a small cost of only $0.99.

  1. Receiving the Yentle code

The secret crush can decide to give a response by putting the Yentle Code received on the Yentle.com or in the Yentle app. This can be done at no cost at all. Everything that happens will be kept as a secret. Once Yentle app identifies a perfect match between the two parties involved, it will ensure that it has communicated to both of them in an efficient way. Indeed, it is a great app that connects an individual to his or her crush in a convenient and safe way possible.


  1. It is confidential

Actually this app does not publicly display the name of the profile or the name of the individual sending the Yentle Code. The code is meant to reach the intended party (the secret crush) who input it on the online platform or in the app and express interest or disinterest. Everything stays private until there is an ultimate perfect match. At that point, Yentle will absolutely get in touch and this may turn out to be a graceful imminent date!


  • Simple to operate and use
  • Everything is kept as a secret and confidentiality is assured
  • Great experience from the users
  • Attractive graphics and highly defined themes


  • Mild in performance


This amazing top rated app (with a rating of 9+) has proven beyond doubt that it is best suited expressing love in a magical way. This app can be downloaded easily (size 5.1MB) for free from iTunes App Store. This lifestyle app is the absolutely recommendable for secret love crushers.

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