Lifebox. : Stick figures in boxes to keep you entertained always

by Dec 30, 20140 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Daisuke Sonobe
Rating : 4
Positives : App is addictive and entertaining
Negatives : none

If you thought stick figures are boring and you cannot do much with them, then it’s time to rethink. The iOS app Lifebox. will help you rethink this by showing you what you can actually do with a simple stick figure. You can view a variety of stick figures trapped in boxes performing hilarious actions. The fun is almost unlimited and the app will get addictive before you know it.

life1 compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, requiring iOS 7.0 or higher and 349 MB of free memory space on your device. It has been optimized for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is currently available in English and Japanese for Free in the App Store. It has been designed for those above or of the age of 17. Developed by Daisuke Sonobe, this app is here to change the way you look at stick figures completely.

With the app, you are given a chance to observe stick figures in action in little boxes. More often than not, you will find yourself rolling on the floor in laughter. You can move the boxes all over the place and place them wherever you like on your screen. Keep an eye out for them as they continuously perform and try to keep you entertained all the time. If you do not like what the stick figure is doing, you just have to tap on the box and see it change. There is no way you will get bored with this app on your iOS device.


When you get started with the app, it seems pretty simple and basic.There are five white boxes on your screen. These then get animated and you can view stick figures and watch them in action. If you find something hilarious and worth sharing, feel free to take a screenshot and send it to a friend. All in all, there are seven different types of boxes for you to explore, each having a set of four different colors- white, green, red and yellow. The theme of each box is unique too.


Working with the boxes and manipulating them to your will is not only fun but also easier than you can imagine. To move them, you only have to swipe it in the direction that you wish to see it move. If you do not like a certain box, you just have to tap it and hold to delete it. The one thing that makes this app easy to use is the fact that the user interface has been kept minimal and free of clutter. It is only the boxes and nothing more. This way, you can focus on them alone without being distracted in any way. You can place as many boxes as you like in any way you like. These boxes can also be used as a background image for your iOS device to ensure that you never get bored, be it alone or in the midst of friends.

Good: App is addictive and entertaining

Bad: None

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