LikeBlockr : Enjoy Instagram without the distraction of likes

by Feb 1, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Daniel Zimmerman
Rating : 4
Positives : concept, control over likes
Negatives : none

Have you ever been annoyed by the trend in Instagram that judges and values everything with the number of likes and followers? If your answer is ‘yes’ and you are looking for something to change this scenario, we are glad to say that you finally arrived at the right place. By installing LikeBlokr application in your iPhone/iPad, Instagram can never lure your attention towards the post got more likes which is not relevant at all. LikeBlokr is considered as the “World’s first app which hides likes from Instagram” and is specifically designed to bring up a discussion about our current Like culture. You can also sit back and enjoy some fresh air without thinking and counting others’ followers list with this app because LikeBlokr can also hide follower count from you. Let’s take a sneak peak on it’s working


How LikeBlokr works

LikeBlockr will seamlessly hide the number of likes and followers on Instagram without altering or deleting any of your account related data. Now you can see the photos and judge it with you common sense, not with the amount of likes and as an additional benefit, you will never feel upset because of seeing humungous likes on your ex-girl friend or ex-boy friend’s photo. This seems funny but the truth is that LikeBlokr is designed to make you comfortable in each and every possible way.

Hiding the likes doesn’t mean that you cannot like a photo. You can still like the photo, shoot the comment and follow the person you like.


How to use LikeBlokr

LikeBlokr lets you to enjoy Instagram on the original looks. You will receive the same feel of original Instagram iPhone app. The only difference here is that LikeBloker makes your Instagram browsing more enjoyable without the distraction of likes. It will help you to look and browse through the profiles without emphasizing follower count. If you like to post a picture, simply do so as you do in Instagram. Once you upload your picture, reload LikeBlokr and enjoy the likes-free experience. You need not refresh the page in every minute to check the number of likes you got on the recent posted photo. There is no place for the anxiety. Just post your photo, refresh the app and get some coffee.


Bottom Line

Social media reached every nook and cranny of the world and it has got all the power to influence the people. Sometimes, the things we think more relevant in social media are just baloney. The artificial hype is created by this virtual currency called likes. Sometimes it will be bought using real currency. The point is, at times, we are making our life miserable by evaluating ourselves with this virtual world and we are missing many stuffs which are really valuable for us. LikeBlokr is a brave step towards this movement. It can save your mood, control your anxiety and oversight your envy. So it’s time to quit valuing photos with the number of followers or likes you have. It’s time for LikeBlokr. Just kick the like addiction and get your life back.

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