LiveRing: Live in the moment

by Mar 22, 20150 comments

Genre : Social
Platform : Android
Developer : LiveRing
Rating : 4
Positives : one minute video
Negatives : none

Social media has evolved majorly over the years. It all began with texts and then moved on to pictures. The advent of videos in text messaging was quite an upgrade indeed. However, the craze for videos is dying out too. Social media needs a new revolution. The Android app LiveRing is a social app that brings live videos to you. You can now live in the present and enjoy your special moments without having to go out of your way to connect to friends online.

You can make your entire group of friends present with you in real time with this app. The concept of the app is quite simple. You begin with tagging a moment to notify your friends about what is going on with you. Then, you can begin inviting your friends to join in with you, that too in real time. A maximum of 4 friends can become a part of your live video moment. As is true to its name, moments are kept to moments by restricting the video length to a single minute by default. However, you can extend them beyond a minute by pressing to continue on to the next minute too.


The aim of the app is to keep your friends posted about what you are up to. You can interact with them, talk to them and much more despite not being together physically. Get a group experience of things as if you are present in the moment with your friends. These special moments can vary from a special day to what to wear dilemmas to live concerts to parties and much more. There is absolutely no limit. The minute you miss someone, all you have to do is log in to this app and include them in your moment in no time. Just center a person simply by pressing their ring.

Another interesting yet simple feature is that you can flip your camera anytime to show your surroundings to your friends. You can then choose which friends you want to invite into your moment as well. The app is integrated with Facebook. It automatically finds all your friends who have the app installed and allows you to tag them. This app is here to include your friends in your life at any and every point, whatever the reasons for them not being able to join you be.


This app is available for free in the Play Store at present. It merely requires 8.4 MB free mmemory space and Android 4.1 or higher versions. While a 4G connection would be ideal for the video experience, a 3G will do too. Developers LiveRing have done a good job with keeping the app simple and functional, while introducing an interesting concept that has the potential of taking social media by a storm. You no longer have to stay out of touch with your friends at any point of time in your life. It has immense potential in the market and is surely one app worth trying out.

Good: One minute videos

Bad: None

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