Manage Credit Card Instantly App; A Convenient Way of Handling Credit Cards

by Aug 8, 20160 comments

Genre : Finance
Platform : Android
Developer : TheSimplest Net
Rating : 4
Positives : set of features, easy to understand, UI
Negatives : none

Carrying lots of cash around has always been quite insecure due to high risk of theft or the money getting lost. This actually prompted creation of credit card which easy to carry around, secure and efficient in undertaking transactions from anywhere all over the world. Actually, credit card has been associated with lots of benefits derived from it. Meanwhile, it becomes quite challenging to track different activities undertaken by the user when multiple cards are used. This is especially when cards are unique in terms of credit limits, due dates, interest rate charges and the grace periods that they contain. Interestingly, Manage Credit Card Instantly app has been well designed to provide the user with a perfect payoff balance of the overall transactions undertaken.


Understanding the Manage Credit Card Instantly app

Designed by TheSimplest.Net, this incredible app was recently updated on 2nd August, 2016 in order to improve its overall performance. Some of the new features that have been added in version 1.4.3 include the comma to act as decimal separator, ability to add transaction in short cut platform and explanation of important concepts.

When it comes to functionality of this great app, one will discover that it has been designed to work offline; so there is no need to get an internet connection! It just operates right away. The app contains some details that one needs to update them manually. The user needs to check on how much money has been spent on each card and other charges imposed. It also indicates the incoming payment due dates in order for the user to be aware. Actually, it is simply the best when it comes to tracking different transactions.

Notable Features found in Manage Credit Card Instantly app include the following:

Annual fee due notification

Apparently, there are some credit cards which are charged some annual fee in order to cater for the maintenance of the user’s accounts. This incredible app is efficient in a manner that it notifies the user regarding the imminent due date of that particular fee. This will indeed be a call for action from the user!

Is the card expiring soon?

As a user of a credit card, one might not even notice when the card is almost expiring or already expired until the last minute. In most cases, this may cause some inconveniences. With Manage Credit Card Instantly app, there is no need to worry. It notifies an individual when to start preparing to get a new card!


Get to know when payment is due

This incredible app acts as a perfect reminder when the payment dates from different transactions are nearing. This makes one to be cautious to avoid penalties and interests that may be charged. The app goes ahead to indicate the number of days and the exact day the payment will be due.

The length of the grace period

There are some credit cards that may contain long grace period whereas others take only number of days before one could enjoy an interest-free period. Getting updated with such kind of information can help the user to identify the next grace period with ease and utilize on it.

Cards lost or stolen?

In order to ensure that the credit cards remain safe and secure, this great app contains the hotline numbers. This implies that the user can easily and quickly communicate with the customer support team and report the incidence in order for the card to be protected.


Below are the Pros and Cons that have been identified in this app:


· Hotline numbers effective and active

· Easy to use; contains user-friendly interface and shortcut

· Due date reminder is absolutely reliable

· Perfect for tracking performance of the cards

· Easy to customize different currency symbols


· Not fully stable due to bug issues

· Need more additional features for full linkage and reporting

Final Verdict

It is evident that Manage Credit Card Instantly app is an app to own when it comes to having a secure credit card management. Due to its prowess in relation to its features and exceptional performance, it has indeed proven to be worth downloading. It is currently available for download at Google Play. Get it now and manage the credit cards!

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