Manage Your Bills with Manilla – Bills and Reminders App

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Genre : Finance
Platform : Android
Developer : Manilla LLC
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With more than 2 million apps, apps that help you to organize and make you more productive are always welcomed by all users. The popularity of these apps is mainly because they offer inexplicable amount of benefits to its users. Manilla – Bills and Reminders is one such app which helps you to organize all your finances on-the-go and at one place. This app has been developed and launched by Hearst Corporation, which is one of the leading companies in the private media sector. The app is available in Google Play store for all Android users. Manilla – Bills and Reminders App sends notification to the users about their upcoming bills, expiring travel and reward points and much other useful information which we tend to easily forget. The app allows you manage all these information either online or with the help of your mobile.

How it Works?

To use the Manilla – Bills and Reminders app you have to create an account through your app or via their online service. You just need to provide your basic information such as name, email address, zip code, select a password and answer few security questions. Then all you need to do is to add accounts of various financial institutions, companies, service providers and other retailers for managing your bills at one place. The app connects you to more than 3000 service providers and this number is growing on a steady basis. There are tabs such as Documents, Reminders and Accounts Tab through which you can organize all your necessary information.

  • Documents Tab – This tab helps you to collect and organize all your bills and other such important documents from your service providers.
  • Reminders Tab – The app sends you reminder emails and text message about your upcoming due dates for bill payments, reminds you about the expiring travel points, rewards and much more. You can also set reminders for the accounts which are not available in Manilla – Bills and Reminders app.
  • Accounts – Under this tab you can view all the accounts that are added in the Manilla and can also add many more accounts.


ü  Security – Security is a common problem faced by most of the mobile phone users. Manilla – Bills and Reminders app uses strict security measures such as double authentication process and SSL 256 bit encryption making your data and transmissions safe at all times.

ü  Four Digit Pin – The users have to enter a four digit pin number along with their user name and password when they want to access the data from the app. This ensures high standards and safety.

ü  Easy to Use – The app is very straight forward and simple to use. The user interface has been designed in a very friendly manner.

ü  Free Online Document Storage – You can organize all your information, store it online and access it from anywhere at any time.


Manilla – Bills and Reminders is a very convenient option for streamlining all your bills and organize it in a very easy manner. This useful app is available for free and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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