Manage Your Mails Better With Mail Wise

by Aug 17, 20150 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Mail Wise
Rating : 3
Positives : easy to use, UI, attractive
Negatives : time consumption

There are so many email accounts we manage in our day to day work life. While some are meant for official use, some are meant for personal use and there are some accounts which we use to sign up for new offers and promotions. There are times you forget to check one of your mail account and there is always a chance that you miss some of your mails. I was always looking for an app that will bring all my email accounts in one place so that I don’t miss any update and yes, I wanted something that would be in my smartphone. Mail wise has answered my requirements and this new app has brought everything together.


Mail wise presented by Mail Wise is a compact app that does so many things together. First of all it connects directly to the mail server and the synchronization is done directly from there. The mailed are grouped according to contact and thus you get an inbox that is clean and well organized. You don’t need to check for each contact to see if you have received your main in Gmail or Yahoo or MSN. You can add ActiveSync, AOL,, MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo,Gmail, GMX and IMAP accounts in the app.

The main feature of the app is its style of conversation. The con

eee2versation is presented in such a manner than it becomes convenient to read. It is easy to set up email account. You can choose your avatar and can choose to activate or deactivate the avatar you choose. Notifications can be quiet. Just as you do for your general email id, in this app too, you can sort the email based on starred and unread. This makes it easy to navigate.


The first time you install the app, it takes some time in order to collect all your mails and then it is all set to work properly. You can even clear emails that you don’t want. The email can be made clear by having signature and formatting done before any mail is sent. You can search your mailbox just as you do in your general mail account to find a specific mail. This according to me is a good feature. There are times you need to search a mail and you don’t know in which email account you received that mail. This app, Mail Wise, solves that problem all together.

As far as the technical specifications go, the app requires android 4.0.3 or later in order to install it. You can use the app on any compatible android device and enjoy it with ease. There are several in-app purchases that you will get access to as you start using the app.

Good: There are so many email account that this app can accommodate. At the same time there are features that are found only in advanced email apps.

Bad: There are times when synchronization needs a lot of time. This is for the first time specifically and mostly because the local setting is different for different places.

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