Marble World Desktop – Mac 3D Fun Game

by May 28, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Mac
Developer : Retro-Soft Games
Rating : 4
Positives :
Negatives :


Marble World Desktop is a fun game where the player is pitted against a hard task of navigating a ball in a 3d landscape. You need to collect the red, green and yellow gems on that level. For each level, there is a safety mechanism that prevents the gamer from starting the game accidentally. You are required to press the Return or Enter key to start the game. If the ball falls off each platform, the game will be over.

The task of navigating the ball in the 3D landscape requires some skills. You cannot move the ball too fast or you will drop off the platform. You can navigate the ball using the directional keys on the Mac keyboard. But for the task of navigating to the next platform, you need to push the ball with some speed or force to make sure it drops to the next platforms. Along the way, there are obstacles like uneven surfaces where you need to push the ball forward to get it over. Law of physics applies here in this game. It is similar to the game Edge but without the techno music. The music is smoothing for the ears in the game to make the player relax while playing the game.

However, you cannot skip to the next level until you complete the current level. You can make the ball bounce by clicking your mouse. It is hard to use a combination of direction keys with the usage of the mouse but I suppose for veteran Mac users, this task should be no problem for them. I think this game will appeal to players of the game Edge as the gameplay is similar but if you are struggling to get pass the current level, it can be frustrating for you. The game needs a forward to the next level button for new players like myself to enjoy the game. Of course, you can retry the game many times as there is no penalty for doing that. You do need a lot of patience and understanding of the Physics laws to get past the levels in this game.

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