Mass Meditation : A Helping Handing for Social Meditation

by Jan 8, 20130 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Zsolt Sarosi
Rating : 4.5
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While your brain controls your body, the control of your soul and inner peace lies within your mind. The best way to make yourself feel at ease is to relax your mind. How simpler to do this than to meditate. And meditation combined with the Law of Attraction can have tremendously positive effects. This is just what the Mass Meditation iOS app does.

With Mass Meditation, you get together with people across the globe to meditate together so that nothing can block the power of the masses. And when so many people focus on a single thing, it is sure to happen very soon. All you have to do is join of the existing meditations or pick a theme and start your own meditation. And before you know it, a large group of people will have joined you in your endeavor.

And meditation does not need you to spend hours together of your precious time. Just about 10 minutes of focused and concentrated meditation everyday can do astounding wonders for you. It will make you feel more happy, healthy and so much more relaxed. And what when you share this blissful feeling with others- your happiness will know no bounds. You will see a new found balance stabilize your life and your wish is definitely going to come true.

The Mass Meditation app also comes with two peaceful soothing songs that will set the mood exclusively for meditation. It will help you get your mind off all the worries of everyday life and focus on your goal. The user interface is very simple to work with. To leave a particular meditation or join it, all you are required to do is swipe your finger across the screen. To make your meditation more focused, you can pick a picture and set it as your theme. Tracking time is also very easy with this app. The user interface is highly intuitive, which gives it a clear edge.

To help you connect with people all over the world, this app comes in 15 different languages so that region and language does not serve as a barrier when you work on one single theme. With the iOS 6, you are allowed the additional feature of inviting friends from Facebook to join in your meditation. There is support for almost all iOS devices including the iPod touch, iPad and the iPhone although it needs iOS 5 or later. It works best on iOS 5 as the developers have customized it to suit its needs.

The Mass Meditation app developed by Zsolt Sarosi is an app which is very navigable and easy to work with. It allows for you to connect with people across the globe and join hands to meditate together so that your wishes be fulfilled for sure. Just a few minutes of this can have a profoundly enhancing and relaxing effect on your body. This app makes this task s easy that you do not have to go beyond a couple of swipes to mass meditate like never before.

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