meMessage – App to Post Anonymously

by Aug 29, 20130 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : S Jones
Rating : 4.5
Positives : : Allows anonymous expression of views
Negatives : None

Although social media was developed with the purpose of allowing people to express their opinions openly, one has to face negative feedbacks and opinions from people they know regarding almost anything and everything they post. While there are times when this is great, there are also times when you do not want this feedback. For the latter, S Jones has developed an iOS app meMessage.

With meMessage, you can keep your social media anonymous. This free app allows you the option of keeping your posts anonymous so that you are not judged based on what you post. There is a constant need for people to avoid scrutiny from their friends and peers. At times, you just wish to vent your thoughts without being scrutinized.

Oftentimes, people on social media look at things in unintended ways. Positive messages are taken neutrally and neutral ones negatively. These views can lead to awkward situations and consequences, which could also be embarrassing at times. meMessage helps do away with all of this. Make things simpler for you.


Using this app is extremely simple and easy. The tabbar has three main areas- the meMessage creator, Followed meMessage area and Random meMessage viewer. The first one, the creator creates a meMessage for you. This enables you to view message history just like all other messaging services and apps. This basically creates conversations for you.

The Random meMessage viewer randomly brings you the message history of a random person to read. The entire history is presented to you to bring back memories and emotions. The randomness of it is really fascinating in that it is completely undecided. The Follower tab allows you to follow people you like and cycle through their posts when you have nothing else to do. You can get all their updates and also unfollow them whenever you like.

As you are entirely anonymous, feel free to post absolutely anything. This freedom is liberating as you do not have to face the scrutiny of your peers anymore or be worried about it being looked at in the wrong way.

The user interface of meMessage is very simplified and devoid of any clutter of any kind. You begin with singing up or singing in. You can post random messages with only the date and timing being displayed. You can follow people on the meMessage and send messages with ease.

If you are a newbie to this app, there is an elaborate tutorial to help you figure this app out. this tutorial is indeed helpful for first timers, although the app itself is very simple. It has been developed for the iPad, iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone with iOS 6.1 or later. It has been optimized specifically for the iPhone 5.

If you face the nuances of having people being misled by your posts on social media, then meMessage is the perfect messaging app for you to post your views. Give vent to all that you are holding bottled up within you for fear of being scrutinized by your peers.

Good: Allows anonymous expression of views

Bad: None

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