Mini Roco – Leaping Bump Cow Platformer Game: Fun Time !

by Mar 30, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Councilsoft Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : graphics, UI, gameplay
Negatives : addictive

“Hey!! Look, I got a new game with me”, sound of Allan (nicknamed game researcher): watch out it is not a profession!!!

The gaming culture has turned many into game addicts-like you walk to one of the receptionists of any company, but you won’t be surprised by the attention paid to the phones. Have you ever thought they were Facebook addict, istagram or twitter?


The Leaping bump cow platformer made me disagree with that school of thought.The app games-“Mini Roco” as one of the craziest game is equally cable.


What a funny app game!!!!

The Mini Roco-comes with a new flavor, not only for game lovers but even the new candidates are automatically qualify for play.

Why name leaping bump cow platformer? I asked Allan at first, but the response I got made me log in to iTunes for downloads and not long did I take to learn the game.

The shocking truth about Mini Roco; the Roco goes need your support to help it jump over and dodge lava, spikes or free falls!- How do you make it possible? One may ask, and the answer is simple! Just manipulate your hands on your screen.


So if you are vegetarian-watch out!!! Yeh yeh yeh am joking, it is just a game, it has nothing to do with your diet dear.

What are some of the features making it unique:

How unfortunate to fellows with no iphones or ipad: the app only is designed for the certain phones. Therefore, if you among the lucky one, appstore highly welcomes your visit. Just get installed right away like mine took me few minutes and already I was helping Roco complete the journey.

Description of the Mini Roco- iphones app

Language; English

Version; 2.4

App size; 47.4MB

Sold by; councilsoft Inc

Updated –March 23 2016

Get the latest app game. The game researcher (my classmate) always reminds me to get updated daily. Sometimes I feel this dude need to start creating his own app game! – Actually have come to appreciate his effort by beating him in every game we share. Like the Mini Roco was so much fun playing in turns.


Dodging the free falls by making Roco jump for real is awesome! -I can’t wait to drag my fingers left and right-up and down trying to save Roco get over the lava. Am sometimes finding myself screaming when Roco fails to jump and falls-really lively if you the type who enjoys app games.


Always the game apps bring a lot of game genre, but Mini Roco has made the game more interesting. I could not imagine a cow can be that entertaining. The company has really made the instructions and the rules simple (easy to play).

Today app game has taken the other group who were not active on social media- busy chatting. And this new app will really take your attention.

Did you know the Mini Roco app makes you be generous- yes, that is the connection it instills in you.The game is unending-if you complete the journey it take you back to starting point.And if you are keen it reminds us: helping is non-stop as long as one needs our help.

So if I may ask, are you a good Samaritan (good helper) whether yes or no- I urge you to install this app and start helping Roco the cow complete the journey.

Worth Having App – Download the App