Minion Runner- Bring Out the Minion in You

by Apr 14, 20140 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Norcron Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : Excellent graphics and simple gameplay
Negatives : Highly addictive

Minions have been a craze for a good time now. Be it among kids or adults. If you are a fan of these adorable creatures and like running, then the iOS app Minion Runner will sure suit your fancy. It takes you into the unique world of minions and can leave you there for hours on end. Developed by Norcron, it is a game of endless running and fun for you to enjoy with friends.


This game can provide you with entertainment from all aspects. The minion character, one of the cute robots from Despicable Me, is cute enough for you to want to play the game only for him. Their popularity has been increasing by the day since the release of the movie. It sports a mechanic cap and a pair of spectacles. The game is entirely worth playing for the minions.

The gameplay will keep you hooked on account of its simplicity. You have to keep on running and shoot all the monsters you encounter on your way. The monsters come in different sizes and shapes and you have to destroy all of them using your gun. The fun never ends. You have to keep collecting points and increasing your score. There are coins to be collected on your path too. These enable you to shop and upgrade yourself. The items you can buy include in-app purchases from the App Store or power-ups to help you boost your score.


To add to the fun, this game boasts of excellent graphics. The background combines a city background with a jungle scenario in a unique way. The deign of the game, although simple, is very elegant and appealing. It reminds you of Mario but with a touch of cuteness added by the minions. It  provides a fresh taste altogether. The cute minion walking with a machine gun in its hand and a bag on its back is the centre of attraction. He has set out on a mission and will not return until he has completed it. You have the task of guiding him while he’s on this mission.

There are many running and shooting games based on minions in the App Store at present. The concept of all of them is the same. What differentiates this one is the gameplay and its simplicity. It is a unique original one of its kind game. With a touch of fun and cuteness, it sure will win your heart.


The cartoon based graphics are sure to catch the eye of children and adults alike. The developers deserve applause for the simplicity of the gameplay and design both, while also keeping the overall game extremely addictive. You can compete with friends and make your own high scores too. It is available for free in the app store. Beware! Once you start playing this game, it is very hard to put it down and go ahead with any other work. This game is highly addictive and is for those who love minions and have a lot of time to kill.

Good: Excellent graphics and simple gameplay

Bad: Highly addictive

Worth Having Application –  Download the App