Minox : Way to Become the Best Trainer

by Jun 20, 20130 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : UberGamers Pte Ltd
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There are some games which are not only games but a story that is told and written by the gamer, in the way he wants. These games tend to be engaging and fun and when there are so many tasks involved in the game, you seem to get more indulged in it. There are not many such games available for android users and those which are available with multiple dimensions are always quite costly. That is the difference between the paid games and Minox which is a game where you write your own story and can do that, free of cost. Minox developed by UberGamers Pte Ltd is a game where you catch the Minox, train them to the best level, and battle against evil.

The game of Minox is divided into several segments. Here, you require travelling to places and collect Minox throughout your journey. You then need to train them as you capture them as pets. You also require treating them well so that you become eligible to win titles. You can also help the folks in the town in different tasks and earn points. There will be difficulties in form of Fur Traders whom you require to stop with the help of secret agents. If you fail to stop them, they will kill the innocent Minox, just for money. The game is interesting and filled with features.


  • The game is about finding, catching and training Minox.
  • Your target in the game is to catch as many Minox as possible and train them to superior level.
  • There are 5 towns which you can explore and find your pets and there are surrounding regions, too.
  • 70 NPC quests are waiting for you in the game.
  • Your target would be to become the best trainer.
  • Each NPC battle will provide you points to own.
  • There are several titles in the game to achieve.
  • You can play 100 levels of the game which will be more difficult as you progress.
  • There are several in-app purchases in the game which will make the game more interesting.
  • There is no major network connection required in the game. You just require it at the time of registration.
  • The graphics of the game will remind you about those childhood cartoon characters which you are familiar with.
  • The sound of the game is also quite interesting.
  • The version 1.0 of the game was launched recently in the market and with numerous levels and heavy graphics; it takes around 84 MB space on your device.
  • The app requires android 2.3.3 or later.

Summary: Minox is a simple game of capturing pets and training them to become the best. However, there are several things involved in between and the control of the game is appropriate for each of them.

Good: Minox is a mixture of strategy and action and there are so many levels that you are not going to get bored. The game is free to download and involve several actions making it one of the finest games of the application store.

Bad: There are in-app purchases which don’t let the game remain free.

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