Minus : Subtract the Trouble of Finding People

by Feb 24, 20130 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : MINUS INC
Rating : 4
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One of the latest rages in the world of apps is the new Minus iOS app. The website encourages file sharing while the mobile app encourages you to make new friends with other users of the app who are in close proximity. This helps you discover people in close proximity to you besides just acting as an app for sharing photos. You can click photos, ass filters to them, edit your image susing the Aviary editor that the app has integrated, while also helping you find pictures clicked nearby by its others users. This is the means of finding friends with whom to connect. There is an additional option of looking for users by name too.

If you have an account on the Minus website, then the app allows you to log in and start usings its services. If you are a new user, then you can easily sign up via the app. This sign up can also be done via your Facebook account. When you sign up, you have to compulsorily upload a profile picture.

Soon after you are done with signing up, you will be guided through the app and then   be taken to a ‘Nearby’ tab. This tab helps you select pictures clicked near your present location. As far as users are concerned, you are allowed to view their exact distance, pictures shared and their latest activities. For ‘Nearby’ photos, you can look up the distance from your present location where they were clicks. To see the dentils of an image, you just have to tap on it. Image viewing has been made comfortable with full screen view, saving to your own camera and also commenting on them.

Another superb facility of this app is its chat facility, which lets you chat with the other users of the app who are using this app then. You are allowed to send images or text messages to a user, along with sharing your present location. There is a ‘Chats’ tab that enlists all your conversations, each denoted by the user name. If you like a user, you can add them as a ‘Favorite’.

Minus has a ‘Camera’ tab to let you click photos, upload pictures from your camera roll and then upload them to the app Minus. You can edit an image prior to sharing it on to your account, Minus itself does not have any filters but works on those of the Aviary Image editor. These tools are quite vast and satisfy the requirements of most users. There is a ‘Profile’ Tab that allows you to maintain your status information.

Although Minus has emerged as a great trend in sharing images, Instagram has already monopolized this market. It is a lot like a chat client with open image sharing, and absolutely no privacy settings covered under the app. The only filters are those provided by the Aviary editor, which is not too much.  When you compare minus with Instagram for features or for social networking, it is quite obvious that Minus is doing well but Instagram has a little edge over Minus for the time being.

Good: A new level of socialization

Bad: Lacks filters of its own

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