Mix 2 Color – A One Way Ticket To The World Of Colors

by Aug 30, 20120 comments

Genre : Education
Platform : iPad
Developer : ARSIDIAN LLC
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
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The pure joy that lights up the face of the kid playing with colors is an unforgettable sight. Of course, the mess that is created can cause extra work for the parent concerned. This might take away a little bit of the joy experienced by parents when they see their kids playing with colors. In order to ensure that mixing colors and drawing gives only joy and happiness, Arsidian LLC has come up with a novel game which allows the kids to virtually play with colors and make as much mess as they want. This software, “Mix 2 Color”, is so good that it ensures that the kids learn all about colors without their even knowing about it.

As the name suggests this software mostly teaches the kids how to mix colors and also the effects of the same. They also get to learn about the constituents of different colors all the time learning while playing. This makes even studies seem like fun and at the same time develops creativity in a child.

Another advantage of this software is its ability to help kids who are rather introvert to communicate their innermost feelings through the mixing of two colors. It also allows them to perceive what the resultant color will be after mixing two colors and then seeing if they are correct. “Mix 2 colors” is a very innovative game which allows the imagination of the child to soar like nothing else can.A unique feature of this gaming software is that this game consists of two modes; one is “Draw a picture” and the other is “Color a picture”.

Features of “Draw the picture” mode:

  • This mode allows the child to let his imagination soar and draw any picture he wants
  • This draw a picture mode contains 3 types of paint brushes and 12 different hues of colors in the palette
  • There are 11 funny stamps too to tickle the funny bone of the kids
  • Of course a sponge to erase and redraw and make corrections as required is a mandatory feature of this mode.

Features of “Color the picture” mode:

  • This mode consists of 18 different pictures which the kids will love to color.
  • These pictures have to be colored using 15 different types of colors.
  • Of these only the 5 basic colors of white, black, blue, yellow and red are present in this mode
  • The rest of the colors have to be derived by mixing any two of these primary colors.

Summary: Children love music and hence it goes without saying that both the modes have happy and entertaining music as an accompaniment along with exceptional sound effects.The game has been made in such a way that the child intuitively understands the workings of this game and is able to grasp the know-how very quickly.

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