Mobile Blackjack Review

by Oct 5, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform :
Developer : Blackjack
Rating : 4
Positives : screens, fun
Negatives : None

Grand Fortune mobile casino is powered by Real-Time Gaming (RTG) software, a brand synonymous with a wide variety of classic and innovative blackjack games. Due to the constraints of the mobile platform, portable punters have anytime access to two mobile blackjack betting options, carefully cherry picked for their popularity, payouts and, in the case of Suit ‘em Up, a sizzling side bet that has the potential to bankroll your betting sessions for some time to come!


Classic Mobile Blackjack

The classic version of the game has largely remained unchanged over the 300 odd years of its existence and at Grand Fortune you’ll enjoy vintage blackjack at its best. Technology has enabled the wizards at RTG to develop 3D graphics and the ambient sounds of B&M betting so that you’ll be immersed in a gambling experience that is as close to the real deal as possible. You’ll go head to head with the dealer – which in the case of mobile blackjack, is an independently audited random number generator – at a private table in the snug confines of your own home.

Your objective is to achieve a score of 21, or failing that, beat the collective total of the dealer’s cards without going over 21. You’ll have the freedom to split, double down, hit, stand or surrender in your quest for a blackjack that pays out 3:2 or a winning hand that delivers 1:1. Table limits range from $1 to $250, so there’s ample opportunity for cross-budget betting and if you enjoy a quick games turnover, Classic blackjack at Grand Fortune mobile casino is renowned for its fast and furious game play!

Suit ‘em Up Blackjack

Suit ‘em Up blackjack is a superb variation of the classic game that has the potential to boost your betting account, big time. You’ll discover the same immersive graphics, scintillating sound bytes and fast deals characterised by all RTG blackjack games but there’s a serious surprise in store for you. You’ll have the option to place a side bet on the probability of the first two cards you are dealt being of the same suit. The extra wager dovetails with the main bet that pays out the same odds for achieving the same results as the classic version of blackjack. In effect, you can win two-fold on exactly the same cards!

The payouts associated with the side bet are, however, comparatively huge, culminating in a cool 60:1 win for a pair of suited aces. Thereafter, a suited blackjack delivers 10:1 and a suited pair 5:1. A suited 11, comprising two cards of the same suit that total 11, pays out 3:1, while any other suited pair generates three times the value of your wager. You’ll have the option to play with two, six or eight decks of cards in both Grand Fortune mobile blackjack games but there’s a twist in the tail. In the classic version of the game, fewer decks mean a lower house edge. In Suit ‘em Up, the opposite is true as you’ll have a far better chance of achieving big paying suits with more decks in play. According to the software suppliers themselves, the Suit em Up blackjack house edge is a low, low 2.67 percent when playing with the maximum eight decks of cards!