Mobile Monitor : Easy Way to Monitor Your Child

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Genre : Tools
Platform : Android | iPhone
Developer : MobileMonitor
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Now that we are heading to a new phase of young generation which is independent and responsible, it has a dark side as well we all are aware of but can’t do anything for that. Only a father knows how difficult it is to allow his son to move out in hostel in some other city and prepare for exams. Not only that he worries for his health, he worries for his character that may soon take a different turn due to some bad company. Cigarette smokings, drinking alcohol, drugs, etc. are just some of the things people often get used to under a bad influence and then no one is able to stop them. So, it’s a better option to take proper measures before so that no such thing actually happens.

Mobile Monitor is one such app that allows you to take control over all your child’s movements and activities. It is more correctly a service available for both Android and Apple devices so that maximum no. of users is covered. The app gives you every advantage over your child that’s possible. Using it, you can keep an eye over your child without letting him know anything. It’s like a personal detective.

First, you need to download the app from Then, follow the set of instructions and install it on your device. The best thing is that it disappears from the phone after being installed so that your child may never know that he is being monitored. After the downloading, open the app and enter your email id twice . Your login details for the app account will be sent there. Then, open and enter the login details and you are welcome into your “personal area” where all the details will be sent.

The app tracks everything on the phone including call records, SMS details, browsing history, call duration, etc. You can also locate your child using the real time GPS anytime and even see his live movements. All the details will be sent encrypted to your account and kept secret so that no other person can access it. The private area is very neatly designed and all the information is right on your fingertips. All the data is in tabulated form to make it easier for you to read and understand it.

The app is available with many different plans. While the free subscription ends within 24 hours, the premium accounts may cost from $19.90/month to as low as $9.90/month for a 12 month subscription. The prices are very fair given the details you are being provided and the reliability and comfort factor. Also, the app is very safe to use as you are always hidden. You get to watch the actual activities your child is doing. Sometimes, it may happen that your child knows that he’s being monitored and you don’t get the real results you were looking for. So, its better that you get what you want.

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