Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner – Worth it ?

by Jun 25, 20160 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Android
Developer : MDroid Apps
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, quick output
Negatives : none

A cell phone that isn’t Optimized, not only drains battery faster and makes the processor slow,it increases the radiation emitted,increasing chances of cancer by 400%.

There are many Phone Optimizing apps available in the google app store but they barely offer any services other than cleaning up and deleting your cache.Most Phone Optimizing apps are usually scams and are themselves the cause of faster battery drain,in simple terms they just close apps running in the background and it takes more resources to start an app.It is essential to choose a proper,valid Optimizing app.


In this review we shall take a look on one of the newest Optimizing app by MDroid Apps:-“Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner”.
Total size:-1.91 to downloadAfter download depending upon your phone files may increase total space occupied.

The features offered by the app are(discussed in detail below):-1)Memory boost2)Clear Junk files3)CPU cooler4)App manager5)Privacy cleaner6)Game booster7)Battery life tips8)System info

1)MEMORY BOOST:– One major advantage to free up memory(RAM) in this phone optimizing App is that it tells you details of memory occupied by each app and the amount of time it has been running.So you can choose which apps to close.But a drawback is that this app does not have the ability to stop some of the pre-installed apps ,such as phone, from starting again.It offers you to details and options to select which apps to close but due to it not being able to stop default apps.The memory boost feature gets a rating of 4/5

2)CLEAR JUNK FILES:- Junk files are the temporary files made by an app which is required for it to run.Problem is most of them aren’t deleted once the apps job is over,taking up valuable memory space and slowing overall performance.This app does a thorough job and scans through each and every single file in your mobile.It goes through each and every single file in phone memory and sd card memory and gives you the option to delete them all or only the ones of your choice.The only problem with this feature is that,if you have a lot of files and huge apps in your device it may take some time to scan through it but it is worth the wait as it detects each and every single junk file.
It sorts it out in different titles:-Internal cache,External cache,Apks,Big files.
It gets a rating of 4.5/5 due to being able to scan through every single file thoroughly and sorting them out well.


3)APP MANAGER:- The app manager shows Installed,Apks,Picks.One has the option of either uninstalling the app or backing up.Upon clicking the app you can access the for-mentioned options, as well as App info,Launch,its direct link to google play.This gives you details information about the app about its battery use,memory taken and cache.You can choose the apps by selecting them and as a user friendly option there is a select all button in the top right menu.It also mentions the version of the app.Overall its App manager feature is top notch. This feature get a 5/5.

4)CPU COOLER:- It specifies the temperature of your CPU.A normal CPU is around 40-50 C.This feature allows you to see the running times of active apps and gives you the option to choose from 1-all apps to free memory cooling down your phone.since more apps running for longer time cause more pressure on the CPU.This is a very important feature of Optimizing apps.5/5 rating for this feature.

5)PRIVACY CLEANER:- Allows you to clear cache and history from browsers,sms,call logs,clipboard and any other data storing apps you may have in your phone.Easy way to clear all data or from selected apps rather than visiting each app and individually clearing history/cache,hence saving time and also deletes all cookies in phone at one go,improving performance. This feature gets a 4.5/5 rating too.

6)Game booster:- A real treat for all phone gamer’s. How it works-You can choose any game you wish to run,add it in the app and run it from there.It frees up the Ram so that the processor can work only on the game.This apps game booster is well tested and works very well for high graphic games too.gets a 5/5.


7)BATTERY LIFE TIPS:- Instead of showing apps it shows just a few major places where battery is being consumed,screen brightness,Bluetooth,mobile data,wifi,GPS etc. and lets you know if any change is needed and suggestions keep coming under the title if required.Also has battery info which leads you to inbuilt battery info page of your phone.for not spamming apps for battery life and providing suggestions and not just places where battery is being consumed .This feature gets 5/5.

8)SYSTEM INFO:- General info pertaining to IMEI no.,Device,Model,Android version etc. CPU information:-constantly getting updated about use. Wifi:-ON/OFF status. Network:-operator name,off/on status of mobile data,signal strength. Display:-width,height,brightness,refresh rate.overall it provides pretty good information about your phone.5/5 for this feature
In a nutshell,till now there were no glitches or faults found.I would recommend this app as it is both user-friendly and can be used by a person with not much knowledge, as well a phone technician who requires in depth information.This is a very lightweight app and actually does its job and is not a scam.There are not many ad interruptions.It is a wonderful phone optimizing app and is definitely recommended for download.It is one of the best phone optimizing apps available as of now in the market with very good features.

Worth Having App – Download the App