Modern Words: A variety of word puzzles rolled into one app

by Feb 6, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Plasmaworks LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : Hints and variety of puzzles
Negatives : none

The fun that puzzle games bring is never going to die out of fashion. It has survived through the centuries and is here to last. If you like playing mind games that will have you rack your brain through and through, then the iOS app Modern Words is sure to keep you glued for hours on end. It has puzzles that will bring you on your nerve’s end. The numerous options and classic puzzles make it challenging and suitable for everyone.


The games brings to you a variety of word puzzles divided into three major categories- Anagrams, Word Searches and Crosswords. Each category comes with many subcategories, each having a unique sort of puzzle and a different difficulty level.

Under the Anagrams category, there are three main game modes. The Puzzle mode is one of the classic games where you are given five or more letters in each round and your goal is to form as many words as possible of them. You can mix and match in any way you want as long as the resultant word is a valid one. You begin with selecting a subject for your game- which varies from places to animals to sports and more. The words you form from the letters must belong to the subject you choose. The constraints imposed are what make this mode unique and fun.


In the Riddle mode, you begin with a set of letters as well. However, you do not have to form combinations of words. Each round comes with a riddle and the letters given can be mixed and matched to form the answer. This mode does not fall in line with any of the classic word games, adding a touch of creativity to the app. The Mini crossers mode under the Anagrams category is more of a crossword game where the player is allowed to choose the subject for the crossword. The Anagrams category tests your creative thinking in all possible ways.

The Crossword category is more inclined towards the classic standard crosswords. There are no distinguishing features unlike the Anagrams category. There is only a single game mode and the users are not allowed choice of subject. Nonetheless, if you like solving crosswords, then this mode will sure keep you engaged for a good while. There are varying difficulty levels and a huge collection of crosswords to keep you glued.


The Word Search category gives this app a unique edge and helps it stand out among the various word puzzle games in its niche. To begin with, you are allowed to pick a category of your choice. Further on, each category has many subcategories to choose between. This way, the variety of word searches available to users is huge. This makes up for the fact that there is only a single game mode in this category.

All said and done, there are over 500 puzzles to work upon that fall under 5 unique games. The choice of games and their variety makes this game special. Added to this, you can track your score and keep a count on the trophies earned as well. If you are stuck for too long, then you can avail of a hint and move on. It comes with both day and night graphic modes. If you like racking your brains with words, then this is a must have app indeed.

Good: Hints and variety of puzzles

Bad: None

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