Modernize Your Presentations with Presentics

by Jan 31, 20140 comments

Genre : Office
Platform : iPad
Developer : Presentics
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Easy Navigation and Increase Productivity
Negatives : None


Presentics has come up with a refreshingly new way of making presentations clear, complete and more effective. Presentations make one of the most important parts of business communications and with Presentics, the modern presentation app designed for iPads, now you can be a master of presentation skills. The app is available on the AppStore and the full version can be downloaded just for $9.99; before you spend any money for it you can try its trial version absolutely free. Presentics enables you to make your presentations minimalist yet versatile improving its affectivity. It just takes a few taps and typing to prepare a fascinating presentation on Presentics that you can share with any one and can also export to any account. With Presentics the whole thing is designed to maximum simplicity and you can complete even the most critical presentations just in a few touches.


  • Presentics offer a modern way to create contemporary and media rich presentations within minutes.
  • With Presentics you can provide maximum attention to the content while the look of your presentation is taken care of by the app itself. Presentations made on Presentics always look great; they look nice on the iPad itself and also provides sufficiently clean and attractive look on larger screens.
  • The application is designed to touch. The developers have taken the best care to make the application simple so that you can complete even those complex presentations with ease and within minutes.
  •  The app enables the user to create touch oriented presentations by providing multi-touch interface.  Users can touch, drag, or zoom on any object on the presentation.
  • Presentics also provide the option of Pointer mode, which enables the user to have color-coded touch points. This makes it easy for the viewers to follow your presentation.
  • It also has a Pen mode that enables the user to draw directly on the slides. Presentics allow you to interact with your presentation in the most effective ways, which can have a great impact to make your audience follow your views.
  • The application provides a non-linear navigation mode, so that you always need not to follow your slides sequentially. You can easily jump to a next slide whenever you wish. It comes with a Scrub bar that allows the user to quickly navigate among multiple slides through a single touch.
  • The application makes the process of adding multimedia to your presentation really simple. You can add just anything you like with your presentation; be it website images, youtube videos, web links, SoundCloud audio clips or documents in your mailbox you can get the best support from this application to add the different media files to your presentation.
  • The Application is also capable to work offline; the media items you embed on your presentation are automatically downloaded to your iPad so you can use your presentation with full features even when you are not online.
  • Presentics also support sharing through the cloud, so it is just a few taps and you can share your presentation with anyone you like to.

Summary: Presentics, the latest presentation application designed to work on iPads, can be a unique way to prepare high quality comprehensive presentations within minutes. It also provides the best ways for user navigation.

Good: The tool works on touch and provides great ways of user navigation which can be a lot effective to deliver ideas.

Bad: Till now no bad reports have been recorded for this application.

Worth Trying App :  Download Presentics Here