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Genre : Office
Platform : Web
Developer : DAYquiri GmbH
Rating : 4.5
Positives : simple, UI, easy to use, time saver
Negatives :

What does it mean when you call someone as a ‘smart’ person in today’s era of technolo? A person having good looks or a person having a quick-witted intelligence? In my opinion, both things matter a lot! But if we say in terms of business, a smart businessman is the person who manages his business by using the latest techniques and runs every pace according to the technology! For example- if we do all the work digitally and go paperless, half of the time as well as energy will be saved. That’s called smartness! In the same way, today we have a web app for you called ‘MoneyPenny’, which is the smartest time tracking and billing software.

The software has been offered by the It’s a web based application useful for entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups and freelancers. However, it’s time-tracking app is available on both iOS as well as Android platforms.


MoneyPenny is a useful tool for tracking working hours, creating timesheets and then convert them into invoices automatically. It creates and send online invoices in a user-friendly environment. It’s an easy to use online time tracking and invoicing tool that runs at your fingertips. It works from anywhere at anytime whether you’re at the office or on your tablet. It helps to track your business expenses, you just need to take a photo of your receipts to track your business expenses and it will attach them to your expense reports.

MoneyPenny offers built-in customizable templates for creating invoices and can be sent instantly or stored as drafts to be sent later. The recurring invoices can be sent either weekly or monthly and automated payment reminders are sent to the clients who are overdue on their payments. The invoice status is updated once the invoice is sent, time entries can be modified with the timesheet calculator, and clients can be automatically billed based on the hours recorded.
If you’re a freelancer, MoneyPenny will act as your painkiller. It helps you to organize teams, clients, data and projects on the go! If you run a small business, you can get instant team and business overview with this tool. If you’re running a startup, you can track expenses and save your funds by avoiding costly and complicated bookkeeping.

MoneyPenny has a lot of features such as it creates and send invoices; create recurring invoices; receive online payments; set payment reminders; track your team’s time in real time; manage team timesheets; review timesheets and performance and much more.
Overall, the app is very fast and easy to use. The graphics of the app are brilliant and the interface is just user-friendly. It helps to build a strong relationship with your clients and other people too. It helps to boost your overall productivity and organize your data at one place. You don’t require any advanced skills, experience or knowledge to use this software. All you need is to download the software and try its 30 day free trial. It makes every second billable.

MoneyPenny is available for you wherever you’re and supports you 24/7. Get it now and do more work in less time!

Pros: best online invoicing and time-tracking software; track expenses; simple & highly accurate; very fast; paperless work; user-friendly; intuitive UI; elegant; safe and secure; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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