monkeyOpopLite : Escape from Traps and Evil Monkey

by Dec 27, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad
Developer : Zilliar Inc
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :


MonkeyOpoplite is a game based on the iPad’s accelerometer. The game requires you to tilt your iDevice to avoid traps and being captured by the evil monkeys ruled by the evil King Kong. Although the obstacles and traps look easy to the player, it is hard to get pass each of them without careful thinking.

The first level lets you face all the cannons directed to you. You need to avoid them without getting killed. I feel the first level is a tutorial for you to get familiarize with the game controls. The game does not have any game tutorials for the gamer to try. You need to immediately start playing to get a hang of the game.

There are few games in the market that relies of the iPhone’s accelerometer as the game engine. Usually, these games are rare in the App Store. Such games usually need to calibrate the controls and the tilting angle before you can even start playing. However, in this game, there is no need for calibration of controls.

What I like about this game is that it has nice rhythmic music that plays while you are solving the puzzles with your head. What I don’t like about this game is that there are no hints on how to solve difficult levels when you are stuck in the game. The only solution is to look at the puzzle and take a walk outside to think about how to solve the puzzle and come back again to play. This game may attract kids and people who love puzzle games. The tilting aspect of the game is fun and addictive. For the graphics in the game, they are simple and not complex but will do to maintain the interest of the gamer in the game.

There is only one drawback. The gamer will abandon the game if he fails to solve the current level and there is no mechanism to skip certain levels. There are 21 levels in the game itself which is sufficient to entertain any individual on the train or in the bus. There is no multiplayer mechanism in the game which allows two persons to participate in the game. If there is multiplayer, the gamer will feel not lonely when playing the game itself because there is someone to share the fun with. This game is good for single players who have a liking to solve difficult puzzles.

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