Monster-fy: Turn Your Friends into Monsters

by Oct 17, 20140 comments

Genre : Photography
Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : Wide range of props and stickers
Negatives : none

Anger is one of the worst enemies of mankind since time immemorial. Over the ages, revenge has become a more prominent character. More people are avenging themselves and others. A number of commercial methods have been developed in order to help people cop up with this thirst for revenge. Famous among these are punching bags, laughter therapy, art, writing and the like. If you are looking for a fun way to do the same, the Android app Monster-fy is just right for you.


Halloween is around the corner and ghosts are lurking everywhere. But why not turn your friends into virtual ghosts and see which ghost forms suit them? Does the idea fancy your imagination? If it does, you have to download Monster-fy and try it out. You can give ghoul, vampire, zombie, mummy and forms of other creepy creatures to your friends. Simply use your Android device to edit their photos and then use them to creep everyone out. Let the Halloween mood seep in completely. Create scary photo stickers and watch your friends get scared!


To begin with, you need only two things. The first requirement is an Android device with Android 2.3 or higher with this app installed. The second requirement is a photo of your friend. And, most importantly, you need to let your imagination fly. With a combination of these, you can prepare yourself for the festival of vampires. This way, you can cut out on the costs of an actual scary costume. Why purchase them when you can use this image editor to let your imagination take the form of your revenge.

The very thought of imagining your friends faces deformed with scary creepy faces would sure bring a smile to your face. Since the real chances of them letting you touch their face are very low, you can do whatever you wish to it virtually with this app. Bring them to the spotlight using your camera lens.


First things first- take a normal photo of your friend. Picking the right photo can make all the difference. If the one clicked does not suit your purpose, pick their Facebook profile or browse through your library for the right one. Then upload it to this app. Monster-fy has a range of props and stickers that you can use such as hats, scars, skulls, fangs and more. Keep adding and removing effects until you think your friend bears enough resemblance to the monsters you have in your mind.

Using the app is indeed child’s play. You merely have to pick your effect and click it to apply it. With the wide range of props and stickers, the number of combinations is limited only by your imagination. Once you have finished turning your friends’ faces into monsters, scare others in public by sharing them on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, email or Twitter. The app is available on the Play Store for free download by anyone who wishes to make the best of this Halloween without having to leave the comfort of your phone.

Good: Wide range of props and stickers

Bad: None

 Worth Having Application –  Download the App