Morble: Magical puzzle game

by Oct 18, 20140 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Stephen Morgan
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Multiple play modes, magic
Negatives : None

If you thought magic was for dummies, then it’s time to change that opinion. Moonrise Games has developed an iOS app Morble that brings together magic and puzzles into a single game. The puzzles have been designed for those who like to tickle their grey cells and the touch of magic gives it a surreal effect.

As children, we have all spent summer afternoons piecing together puzzles by ourselves. However, when you’re alone, the excitement dies out soon enough. The need is for something that is not only challenging but also has a social aspect to it. If you need such an app, then Morble is just ideal for you. It is an iOS app that is compatible with the iPad, iPod and iPod Touch having iOS 6.0 or higher.


Morble is a puzzle games where you need to match into groups of three based on colour, as in Candy Crush. However, this is not where the game ends. Along with the basic puzzle game, there comes a touch of magic. To see this magic, you need to match a long chain of bubbles of the same colour. Once you create these supernovas or magic stars, you will be met with a surprise. Your entire screen will light up with a display of coloured lights to celebrate the festive occasion. You will see a flurry of sparks, colours and lights that will explode to occupy your entire screen.


To get you comfortable with the app, there are different modes that you can try out. It is in these modes that the social aspect of the game is brought out. If you wish to play against any random person online, then you can enter the Global Showdown Mode. However, if there is a specific friend you would like to compete with, there is a personal Friend Showdown mode as well. For either of these, the prerequisite is to join the Morble community online. If you do not wish to go online, you can still continue to have offline fun in the Single Player mode or Multiplayer Pass and Play mode locally with family or friends.


The Arcade Game is divided into two different play styles as well. In the Classic mode, you can play without any time limits being imposed. All you have to do is match the orbs and tap them around. If you are one who likes to plan out his moves well, this mode is suited for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who provides better results when under time constraints, then the Time Warp Mode is made for you. You need to make the most number of matches before the clock ticks out.

The app graphics are well suited to the magical theme. The combination of colours has been thus chosen so that it does not come off as too gaudy or bright and nor does it appear too dull. The atmosphere is just electric. The touch of magic and the multiple game modes indeed make the app different and worth a try. Once you do give it a shot, it won’t be long before you get addicted.


Good: Multiple play modes, magic

Bad: None

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