Move Closer to Christmas in Style with Advent 2013

by Nov 29, 20130 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : The graphics of the app is quite cute
Negatives : The server overloads too quickly

It is again that phase of the year when you start waiting eagerly for the Christmas and every single day seem to be special in the waiting period. There are arrangements to be done, friends to be called and gifts to be collected and the special feeling of reaching near the day is absolutely amazing. How much you have waited for a tool that will tell you how close you are to the occasion? Your eagerness is answered with Advent 2013. Advent 2013 is an app that has a countdown that will tell you how close you are to the occasion.

Advent 2013 is not an app that only makes you aware of the days that are remaining but tries its level best to make those days special with gifts. The gifts are in form of amazing games and cool apps. It keeps you connected through social media while mesmerizing you with surprise gifts this Christmas. The app is integrated to the game center on iTunes and you are presented with a new game and prizes that are coupled with the games. It is a theme based app where you will get to see snow fall which is actually related to the season. As the days pass the snow fall will increase and the chilling weather will tell you that Christmas is here.



  • Advent 2013 is a cool app where a reminder is set to let you know how close you are to the occasion of Christmas.
  • The app is coupled with games that come as a surprise with every passing day. You can play those games and once you complete them, you can win gifts.
  • The app is a well connected one which provides you opportunity to share gifts with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. You can send the miracle gifts to your friends through email, too.
  • The app provides you an option to challenge your friends through social media. It is an option challenge though.
  • The app will play Christmas music in the background. You will have the power to stop the music and sound FX from the info page of the app.
  • Advent 2013 comes with a small tutorial which will let you know how to use the app. Go through it once before you start.
  • The app is based on snowfall theme. The snowfall increases as Christmas comes near.
  • The app will start from 1st December and will run through 25th of December. You can keep checking the app for new surprises.
  • The app menu also has an option to provide feedback and check other apps from the same provider. So if you find this one interesting, you may find other such interesting app directly.


Summary: Advent 2013 is an app that is specially made for this Christmas and it is not only a countdown app but it is one that brings cool surprises and gifts for the season.

Good: The graphics of the app is quite cute and the fact that there will be some surprises coming your way every day is quite amazing.

Bad: The server overloads too quickly and that can cause problem while using the app.

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