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Platform : iPad | iPhone
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Rating : 4
Positives : Social Networking App
Negatives :

Incredible news for all the IOS users out there. Being an admirer of IPhone.  I continue to encounter IOS applications on my phone to make some astounding memories with my more distant family.Yes, I love to invest my energy with my loved ones throughout the day since I have been living in an isolated area I get exhausted with my standard schedules needed to get with new individuals across the globe to make new companions and have a great time and skip around.

The great news is that the application Movespot is mind-blowing to connect with new faces, catch up on discussions and conversations and gave me the experience to make me feel as though I wasn’t as far away as I was. More regular features such as photo uploading and filtering are also available and work easily. It feels a much more rounded and simpler service than anything else. It’s well worth a look for those looking for a more phone-focused social network.

About Movespot

Move spot was made for social application sweethearts to encounter novel all-around evident social experience. Movespot focuses on everybody to utilize the Application, particularly Gen z clients. Movespot gives them another outlet and the solitary 3-way live stream of any friendly application available. Alongside the capacity to take actions, spend time with companions, and a period map that permits you to remain associated with adherents time distance making it simpler to get together whenever.

The Launch of the Beta Version Movespot has been spectacular. With all Beta Versions the idea is to get the app to potential users/testers to get a feel of the App and within 6 days analytics show that The first few days of the beta release caused 3 server crashes from users downloading the App and Movespot is sure the downtime caused them even more users but yet still: is receiving 16k interactions per minute and analytics map shows has users from Florida to New York, Seattle and Canada

Unique features of Movespot

  • Schedule necessary face to face interactions with friends on the go
  • Keep track of new faces at moves and add new friends
  • Post pictures, videos and Gif’s
  • Start live streaming with friends
  • Voice out opinion

Proud Moments of Movespot

According to Adjust, “The average retention rate of an IOS app for a first-day release is 26% while Movespot’s day 1 retention rate shows up to 77%.

Finally, Never go for a second thought to start using the Movespot app delivering a social networking experience on Movespot that’s too great on features to be genuinely useful for building a bonded relationship with people whom you like.