Mow-Town Riding HD- Master the art of mowing

by Jul 30, 20130 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPhone
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Simple gameplay, five languages support
Negatives : Gets repetitive after some time

Farming was one in the limelight with games like Farmville. Times have changed now, it is the time to mow. Mow-Town Riding HD brings you an almost real-life experience of mowing your fields, that too at high speeds.

There are many places to mow, including castle gardens, parks, and farms. Irrespective of the place, you require both skill and time to complete the task at hand. The game requires you to mow the maximum area in the least time possible. Relaxing is equivalent to a timed race on a pimped-out lawnmower. You have to be careful to not wheel into flowers or sidewalks. Doing so could lead to loss of points.

The concept of this iPad app is easy to grasp and follow. Its simplicity is what makes it unique and enjoyable. There are 16 levels in the full version, with the difficulty level progressing as you reach higher levels. There are also additional features and levels for preparation with the full version. If you are a newbie, then there is a detailed tutorial that will guide you on how to play the game. This tutorial is very elaborate and indeed helpful.


A list on high scores online is maintained by Game Center, allowing you to compare yourself with other gamers worldwide to assess where you stand.  This game has been optimized only for the iPad and is supported in five different languages- English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

The user interface is very eye-catching with its animated graphics of cartoons and lovely backgrounds. Each backdrop has been thought into to make it challenging and fun. The gameplay is very simple and easy with a few controls to move your vehicle around. The flower beds have been placed in crucial positions so that you have to be careful and think twice when you navigate a path.

While individually navigating the path and maintaining time is easy, doing the two together is quite difficult. This is where the gist of this iPad app lies. Being able to control your vehicle and doing so in the least possible time requires skill and practice. Once you start playing the game, its levels will want you to keep creating higher scores and trying harder.

While the app is free, you have an in-app purchase of $1.99 to be able to unlock all of the levels. Developed by Sunlight Games GmbH, this game is sure to keep you hooked for a long time. With its simplicity of control and concept, the main focus is on mowing. It indeed helps you master the art of mowing.

The graphics of this game are splendid. The only challenge that remains is how much can you mow at high speed without damaging the sidewalks or flower beds. While the challenge is exciting, it does get a little repetitive after you have got one or two high scores. A few more features added to the game would make it fun. Nonetheless, Mow-Town Riding HD helps you master the art of mowing.

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