NARR8 for iPad : Gives New Meaning To EBook Reading

by Dec 18, 20120 comments

Platform : iPad
Developer : NARR8 LIMITED
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :


EBook is a popular source of reading for the last few years. This has opened up a bigger universe of knowledge for the people who love to read, but do not have much time to sit at home and dedicate a full day. The bulky books have concentrated into a small file which can be read on the go, on your devices. IPads users can enjoy the book reading with the interactive technology of the device. However, the eBook reading sometime becomes boring with the same old format of writing and not much interesting photographs to portray the story. NARR8 developed by NARR8 LIMITED has found an interesting solution to the problem with its entertaining eBook collection that is guided by HD audio, animation, special effect and more.

NARR8 is an app where new themes are added everyday and so many books to read. There are array of distinct content which includes both entertaining and historical events. Each of the stories comes with in depth research which is educational and interactive. The pictures and animation make the story come alive with a simple touch of your finger. There are sci-fi and horror stories along with historical and comic book stories. Cultural and other popular stories are also available. The first scene would allow you to choose the story and the theme and the good news is, new stories are added from time to time.


  • NARR8 is an app that combines knowledge with fun and it is currently available free of cost on iTunes.
  • The version 1.0.3 requires only 9.7 MB space on your mobile to get downloaded. The app is only compatible to iPad and requires iOS 5.1 or later.
  • The common theme includes horror and fear stories. The free interactive series are captivating.
  • There are several themes being added every day including mythology, sci-fi, fantacy, anime, world history, horror and more.
  • The visual and text and other content are kept interesting.
  • New episodes are added by the provided every now and then.
  • You can read each story and rate it accordingly. You can also invite your facebook friends to read the story.
  • A short description of the series is provided by the developer in the beginning.
  • Special holiday edition is currently available in store.
  • Fear Hunters, Multiverse, Chronographics, Paradigm, JAM, Subject #9 (motion amine comic), Prodigal Angel, Final Feat and SPIN are parts of the holiday edition of the app.
  • The background HD music makes the app interesting and enjoyable. It brings out the essence of the story being told.

Summary: NARR8 is an interesting app that has given new meaning to storytelling and reading story through eBooks. The app is designed smartly and it includes stories with different themes. There is something for everyone.

Good: The interactive make of the app makes it acceptable among all age groups. You can download episodes and read them later. The music and graphics hold the key.

Bad: The updates are sometimes quite late. You may be asking for new episodes but that may take time to get updated.

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