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Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
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BIG Little Apps LLC is dedicated to creation of innovative apps for leading mobile platforms especially iOS (on iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and others). They recently rolled out the magnificent NearMinder App, so you will never have to miss out on those great events, important places and activities that are around you. The app easily helps you to find interesting things to do and see, new places to go to as well as events to attend, well providing you with detailed directions to get there. So, let us find out what this app is all about.


Contextual reminders are a new key feature that NearMinder has excelled in including in their app, being the first app to actually enable this feature. With the feature, a reminder will pop up whenever you visit a named place such as a restaurant (by name) or a store (by name), or even better, a place that you only specify by category such as a grocery, a pharmacy and so on.

Let us first look into the summary of the key features of the NearMinder App.


Key Features Summary

  • Contextual Reminders – NearMinder will create reminders that appear each time you visit a named place or location type.
  • Nearby Events – with the app, you do not have to worry on missing out on any event of interest that will be happening near you.
  • Nearby Places – The NearMinder App will give you all the details of your current location and nearby places.
  • Nearby Points of Interest – keep tabs with your nearby points of interest.
  • Nearby Meetups – set up Meetups and follow on others with ease by using the app.
  • Shared Information – the NearMinder App allows you to share items of interest with your friends and family via social platforms, email, or text. You can also copy an item of interest onto your Notepad for later reference.

Let’s now look into some of these features in much finer detail.

The NearMinder App Feature Details

  1. The NearMinder Contextual Reminders – with this feature, you can create reminders to appear whenever you visit a named place or location type. For example, you can simply enter a store category (e.g. Grocery) and a reminder (e.g. don’t forget bread) as a reminder when you are planning on next visiting the grocery store.

Reminders will also pop-up if the description in the app matches any Meetups, events or Points of Interest (POIs) that are listed as you view other tabs. If you are using an Apple watch, the app’s notifications will ping through to your watch in the event that your phone is off.

  1. Nearby Events – you now have the peace of not missing out on any event of interest that is happening in or close to your location. A list of events of events that will be happening near your location will be shown below your location map. You can tap on any of the events to get the full details of your event of interest as well as putting a pin on the map for its location. For directions from your current location to the event, click on the pin and then choose from the info pop-up for directions on walking or driving.

For some events, you could get ticket ordering options from the link provided at the end of the event description. You just click on the link to make your reservations or even to make payments for tickets if they are paid events.

  1. Nearby Places – You can now see numerous details of your current place and other nearby places. Information about the current place you are visiting is usually displayed in the �text area’, just below your location map. For example a performance venue occurring at your location will be shown alongside a link of other events of interest close by and their time of occurrence.
  2. Nearby Points of Interest – Points of Interest (POI) are shown in a list below your map. You can simply tap on a location on this list to see the full details of the POI and also to pin it on the map. For a complete article on the selected POI, simply tap the link following the description of the location.
  3. Nearby Meetups – if you have a Meetup of interest that is bound to happen near your location, just utilize the search feature for entering a description of the specific Meetup you are looking out for, such as an art exhibition or a music fair, and so on. You can choose to specify the maximum distance for you Meetups of interest as well as the maximum number of days to the Meetup. You can access full sign-up information by tapping the link following the Meetup description if you would like to reserve yourself a position at the Meetup.


How to Get the NearMinder App

The app is available for free on iTunes. Follow the following link to download:

In Conclusion

BIG Little Apps have proven themselves in workable iPhone apps and the NearMinder is another marvelous app they have provided us with. I am sure you will enjoy the top notch service it accords you as a locator app with its numerous interactive functionalities.

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