NicePrints – Photo Management App for iOS

by Jul 22, 20120 comments

Genre : Graphics
Platform : iPhone
Developer : Via Indice S.L.
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :


Photos are the medium through which we transfer the knowledge about our families, cherished moments and even the great history of our nation. It is the way in which we can preserve the best and the most precious moments of our life and we can look at them from time to time. Photos help us to preserve our past so that it is meaningful for our future generations. These photographs are always priceless and need proper care and attention. We always try to preserve all our favorite photos by arranging them carefully in albums, but with the invention and modernization of the photographs through digital photography and also the way in which they are taken, this job can be made very easy. Nice Prints is one such app that helps you to organize your pictures by creating photo albums. It also offers many other services along with this feature, making the app more interesting. This app has been developed by Via Indice S.L and is available for download in App Store.

NicePrints helps you to create enrapturing photo albums in just a few seconds. You can create your personalized photo album on the go from the 60 themes and 12 categories that are available in the app and it also suits every occasion of your life. You can build your own photo albums; there is also an option to print your photographs by using this app or you can also order for the photo prints. With the help of in-built cameras in the mobile phones, almost everyone takes 100’s of pictures within a short span of time which often leads to improper maintenance of albums. It will take even hours for us to organize these pictures. Nice Prints helps you to sort all the images in your albums in a quicker and simpler manner. In order to create an album all you need to do is to select the album size and the images and also how many pictures you want per page, and then Nice Prints will create your album within three seconds. This can be anytime and anywhere which is the added specialty.


  • You can create the albums within a span of 60 seconds, which is almost nothing when compared to the hours which we spend sitting before our systems.
  • This app is very easy to use with no complications and it is very easy for understanding.
  • Printing of your pictures can be easily done from this app.
  • There is also another feature in which you can place orders for printing your photos and it will be delivered promptly at your door step.
  • There are 60 photo book themes that are available in this app and there are 12 different categories such as Birthdays, Holidays, Wedding, Kids, Love, Halloween, Christmas, Carnival, Baptism, Colors, Black and White.
  • You can also share your album instantly through Facebook.


Nice Prints helps you to organize your pictures in a perfect way such that it makes sense when anyone sees your mobile, it also helps to transfer the pictures from your mobile to your hands. This app is free and can be downloaded from App Store.

Good – Easy for handling and using the app.
Bad –  The app can include some simple photo editing tools.

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