Now get the same Roundme Virtual Tours on your Android Mobile

by Oct 28, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : virtual reality, UI
Negatives : none

Now get the same Roundme Virtual Tours on your Android Mobile

Roundme, as we all know it today, is an innovative service that can give you the charm of visiting the most beautiful places of the world sitting right at your couch. Roundme provides a robust platform for creating, sharing and publishing your own customized panoramas of the best quality. In the Roundme world you can explore an extended collection of panoramic photography collection and use them to publish interactive stories of your own. The service has been launched in the last year and has become quickly popular amongst the professionals due to its extensive applications.


In the Roundme world interactive panoramas are defined as Spaces and according to Konstantin Andreev, the CEO of the company, every “Space” comes with a new story and by using the Roundme service now you can learn even more about the world and share your experience with your family and friends. The best thing about this service is that it gives you the opportunity to present all your experience in an innovative format that is sure to impress.

With the latest launch Roundme Virtual Tours for Android users now can enjoy the beauty of Eifel tower or the hubbub of the Times Square in a single swipe; they can also reach the top of the volcano and experience the volcanic eruption or get to the sea bottom to reveal the hidden secrets. Well, that is not all. Roundme can also take you out of the world, into the universe enabling you to capture the Milky Way or the deserts on the Mars.

The Roundme application enables the user to search through a huge collection of Spaces and add favorite items to a personalized collection. It also supports searching through the directory of a number of world renowned panoramic photographers and subscribe to their regular updates. Roundme can also be an efficient planning partner when it comes to travel. This app can be used to find places of interest, restaurants and many more in a new place. To sum it up, this app enables the user to virtually visit a place and know every detail about the place.

To increase its functionality one can also pair this app with headset Cardboard. The navigation controls enables the user to view different panorama without removing the headset. This app can be ideal for professional photographers as well as for the photography enthusiasts. The virtual panoramic creator enables the user not only to create stories but also to fill it with information, links, pictures and videos.