nstaCharge : High-End Entertaining Game

by Jan 24, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 5
Positives : screens, animation, sound
Negatives : none

Introduction of the nstacharge game

A special treat and a big favor to all the gamers out there from the popular Ikaria animation studios similar to the famous temple run. The nstacharge seems to share the same principles whereby you will have to race your way through a certain adventurous path with a lot of hurdles on the way, picking some points on the way. The difference here is that you will be on a motorbike and not running by yourself.


Description of the nstacharge game

The game is very interesting and amazing and will get you glued for hours onto your iPhone and iPad as the game application is solely designed for either of the two. Hopping on the super skyway offers lots of fun experiences and sudden encounters as you have to carefully dodge some cubes along the way that seem to be a little clever, trying to make you drive straight into them. You will have to take charge and pull the wheelies all the way from start to the end as you ride the fastest you can and the furthest you can go. The game comes with a lot of mystery and uncertainty, filled with surprises and adventure, as you cannot really tell what will come or happen next, one thing that will glue anyone before long after downloading and trying it out. This is one of the games that you will always want to run to as it is just super interesting and the challenge and hunger of wanting to get right through it and reach the end, therefore you can play it over and over again.


Your representation and role

What represents you is a little, small quirky robot that looks a little rusted on top of a motorcycle ready to go through the entire experience and adventure. At first, it seemed pretty simple and easy until I realized there was more into the game and the more you play it the more you gain mastery as you get to understand the tricks and cubes that you have to jump or dodge. The cubes have been spread all over the skyway and you will have to carefully jump them, maneuvering you war around them all the way through the skyway. There is another interesting feature which is Lola, your friend that is stationed down at your heels, but does not seem to think or believe that you can go through the entire skyway without crashing down and therefore you will be obliged to prove to her that she is dead wrong by going all the way to the end without crashing.


Additional features

Another fun part is the picking of the bolts as you move and dodge the cubes, other items that will upgrade and recharge your motorbike and help you go very far such as the batteries and other items that you should not ignore. The cubes are small but very smart as well as they roll, change their directions and move in a very coordinated manner that if you are not careful then you will never go far. The further you go the more serious and dedicated the get to make you crash that means you will have to be extra careful.

Final tips

  1. Always make good use of the energy and power ups especially the batteries that will keep you going and perhaps get you enough fuel to the end.
  2. You should also double tap your screen whenever you want to wheelie and get immunized against any crashing that might arise.
  3. You should also note that any double tapping is not free as it will cost you some of your energy and you should control the frequency of the same.
  4. Be vigilant for any batteries that will appear and not miss any of them so as to refill all the way till the end.

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