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Genre : Office
Platform : Web
Rating : 5
Positives : completely free; simple to use
Negatives : None


When your business is international, you need to move ahead of the traditional working ideas. There are both small as well as large amounts being traded and therefore online payment account is a must. But most of the small business owners are either freelancers or have a continuously changing client base and therefore new clients keep coming each day. So invoicing is one of the best ways where you can build trust on your clients and because most of the works are paid hourly, a time tracking system is a must. So today I’m going to review one such web app where you get all these features. But most of the invoicing apps are either paid or have a subscription fee. This one here is completely free for most part. So let’s see if it has the stamina to stand against the rest of the competition.

I am talking about Nutcache, an online application that has been developed by Dynacom Technologies. It’s not software but an online service and therefore is readily accessible anywhere and you don’t have to update it. Also, all your data also has a permanent backup on their servers.

This invoicing cum time-tracking app has many features to discuss. Starting from the invoice creation process, it’s pretty intuitive and simple. There’s a basic format and you have to just fill in the details. You can either keep the invoice as a draft or send it immediately. Then on your client’s part, he can either mark it as ‘viewed’ or pay it instantly. Many times you first create estimates and send it to the customer. Now, after confirmation from the client, you can directly convert these estimates into invoices with just a click. You can also send the invoice in a 6 different formats including PDF and MS Word so that your client may keep a print of the paid invoice as well.

You can rope in more than one user to work together on a team project. This works great in situations where you are working as the team leader and have to assist other members regularly. Also with time management software, you can keep account of their time balance sheet and pay accordingly. Also, also you can manage all your business from a single account and track progress of each of them easily.

The app has some integrated payment gateways such as PayPal, and accepts multiple credit cards. Even for a small business, you get reports over paid, overdue and unpaid invoices which help you find out about which of your products are highest grossing for you.

I’m still a little bit under surprise to see that there is no fee or any kind of payment related to NutCache. Yes, you can create unlimited invoices, add unlimited number of users, and add unlimited companies and all for free. So there is not a single reason for you to stand back now. Go ahead with NutCache.

Pros: completely free; simple to use; send unlimited invoices and track their status; time-tracking software; multi-users in single account.

Cons: none.

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