O’ Fish! -Fishing is not just a monkey’s business

by Jan 8, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : Graphics, Animation, Social media and easy to play
Negatives : No Negative to mention..

O’Fish – a new app which is pretty good both for adults and kids in terms of killing time. Developers did great job working on this game. The gameplay is easy and understandable. A funny monkey has to catch as many toys as possible. That seems pretty easy however with the levels passing by it is getting rather complicated. The game has all standard features such as missions skips, shop with built in purchases thought the Game Center and social networks plugins. While looking through the starting page I pressed the mirror and entered the challenge mode with a puzzle game, however this feature is not still active.


To summarize my review I made pros and cons chart to help developers to fix the bugs.I played both on my IPad and I phone and can say that IPad provides better resolution and gameplay is more attractive.The game has good potential and can become popular if the small bugs are fixed.


1) Good and smooth graphics attracting kids. I would add more animation into the starting page. 2) Understandable gameplay.3) Useful bonuses that can be purchased through the App Store and that will make gameplay easier.4) Possibility to skip the levels using your cash.5) Built in puzzle game, which still does not function properly or I could have pushed the wrong buttons.6) Built in social plugins such as Facebook.7) Amusing music track and game sounds.8) Various bonuses that can be achieved during the game – hot water that makes heavier toys rise.


1) There is a window coming up pretty often that says Disconnected, though my wifi connection functions.2) In my opinion monkey spends too much time winding off its fishing rod. This process could be shortened a bit.3) After every attempt to catch a toy there is a pop up advertising coming up. I assume that it does not depend much on the developers but guys that is really annoying! At least if I watch those ads I deserve a little bonus.4) Need to complete the challenge mode since I have pressed many times trying to launch it but that would not work.5) During the game there is an indicator on the left side of the monitor. I could not understand its function. Initially I thought that is measuring altitude, however it’s color and position didn’t change. 6) It would be a nice idea to add the altitude meter to show how deep the fish rod reel is going into the bath.7) Once your fishing reel exceeds its max length you need to go to the shop. In my opinion player should have a chance to cope with this challenge without mandatory purchase of a longer reel. 8) Usually every game has 3 attempts after that the game is over and the player can see the highest score. In O’Fish game I could not understand how many attempts I have and when the game is over. The same problem I have experienced with my high score.9) The game needs more play mods- for instance time challenge.

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