Ocean Hunt – Fishing Made Fun

by Jun 17, 20140 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Won-O-Soft
Rating : 4
Positives : music and background
Negatives : none

Ocean Hunt is an Android app in which you have to catch fish under the ocean. To run, it requires Android version 4.0 or greater. I wouldn’t say that Won-O-Soft has come up with a novel game concept, but Ocean Hunt sure does take the hunting games to a different level with all the additional features introduced. The first thing you’ll notice is that the game automatically switches the device’s screen to landscape mode which is not surprising because it needs the space to fit the whole ocean set.

The interface is quite neat with options given to Turn On/Off music, list items, high score, etc. The objective of the game is fairly straightforward. There’s a spear and using it, you’ve to aim at moving fishes and when you do strike a fish, it must be reeled in out of the ocean. More the fishes, higher the points you score. There’s a time limit and all you’ve to collect maximum number of fishes within the time-frame. To spice up things, there are some hurdles in the form of trash which might take up a huge chunk of your time. The player should skillfully try to avoid the trash and focus only on the fish.


The catchy background music and the colorful underwater ecosystem indeed to add life to the game. As soon as the player hits the ‘start’ button, 28 different types of fishes (in succession) start moving across the screen to be speared and reeled-in. Just tap anywhere on the screen to release a spear and once the spear strikes a fish, you should quickly reel out the fish by rotating the Turn Reel System. The whole game depends on how efficiently you can target the fishes and how quickly you can rotate the reeling system.

So, what’s new? One of the good features of this game is the recording feature wherein you’ll be able to record your whole game and replay it later to correct on those tiny mistakes or just re-live the whole under-water experience. Also there’s a leaderboard to check out how your peers are doing and get into the competitive spirit. There’s a trophy board where all the fishes you’ve collected will be displayed. Must be a proud moment when you’ve collected all the 28 different types and they get displayed on your own board.


On the down side, the game occupies over 50 MB of space on your phone so the ones having non-expandable memory might have an issue with this. It does try to use data for Leaderboard and Sign In functions, making it not totally stand-alone. As is quite evident, the colorful display and catchy music does take up quite some power from your device.

All said and done, the game is pretty well-made, and can prove to be addictive for those looking to improve upon their speed and sense of direction. Although it’s a really simple game to look at, the challenge is in the efficiency and improving upon it would be challenging to the players. Aided by squashy colors and appropriate tunes, playing this game can be a wholesome fun experience. 

Good: Catchy music and background

Bad: Can be a drain on your device’s battery.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App