OMG! Fortune Free Slots- Fun Unlimited!

by Nov 18, 20140 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : Variety of slots and bonuses
Negatives : None

If you like variety in gambling games and do not have the time to visit a real casino, then app developers LuckyFish Games have something interesting in store for you. The iOS app OMG! Fortune Free Slots is an immensely fun filled addictive game that comes with a huge variety of mini games and slot machines.

Most iOS casino games focus on mainly one or two major games. This, however, is not the case with OMG! Fortune Free Slots. It follows the concept of variety and diversity so that it is the one-stop app for all casino games. If you want to get the feel of gambling with money without taking any risks of going bankrupt, then here’s your golden chance. It currently has 23 different games that you can enjoy and explore. The app is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone with iOS 6.0 or higher versions.


This iOS app is all about exploring fun slots. There is a variety of slots including Cleopatra Reels, Mad Birds, Diamonds Treasure and more. Owing to the variety, you will never get bored of playing them. Each slot comes with a unique game and stands out in its own way. The sharp graphics make the games worth playing and enjoying. You can almost feel the characters alive on your phone screen due to the superbly done animations. All you have to do is forget the world around you and enter this new world full of fun. The animations and excellent sound effects add a unique touch to the game indeed.

The app developer is working to release newer games everyday in order to keep players hooked. If you would like to socialize and play games together, then all youhave to do is connect to Facebook through this app and start sending gifts to friends. If you have friends who are already on the app, then you can initiate a series of gift exchanges and more with them.

To begin with, you place your bet and spin the machine, keeping your fingers crossed. There are exciting mini games and new levels to unlock. In the beginning, you get started with a large amount of coins. You can earn more coins in so many ways. There are semi-hourly bonus wheels and special priced promotions and large discounts on all in-app purchases and daily coins and spin giveaways and multiplied bonus rewards. If you ever run out of coins but want to keep playing, you can buy coins using real money from the App Store.


App navigation is highly intuitive and simple. There are menus to view level, points earned, number of chips remaining and more. The game caters to a variety of people ranging from pro casino players to amateurs. No matter where you stand, the game is fun to play and experiment with. The game has the right amount of diversity to keep gamblers hooked online at all times. The exciting bonuses and mini games keep them addicted and wanting for more.

Good: Variety of slots and bonuses

Bad: None

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