OnPoint Sports – The Mini-World of Football

by Oct 24, 20150 comments

Genre : Sports
Platform :
Developer : OnPoint Sports
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Twitter feed; team comparison charts
Negatives : none

So you own a team in a fantasy league but don’t know which new player to sign-in this season? If you’re thinking about checking the records of different players online, it’d take too much time. Moreover, after gulping down so much data and so many figures, do you actually think you can still make a fine judgment? On the other side, if you’re just a crazy Football fan who eats Football, drinks Football and talks Football, do you need something extra to satisfy your ever-increasing appetite? Or if you’re a just a casual fan who likes to watch Football, would it be alright if we keep you updated all day long about the latest updates in the world of Football? So if you belong to any of the above mentioned categories (or even if you don’t), follow me!


Here we have a new gem for Football fans that they can admire all day long. It’s an Android app called OnPoint Sports that has been developed by OnPoint Sports. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.0.3 or any later version of the OS.


OnPoint Sports is a place where you can find anything related to Football. Whether it’s related to the current-season of Football or it’s related to a particular team or any particular player, you’ll find it all here. The app is updated constantly to make sure you’re looking at the latest standings in the League Table. They also carry live feed from Twitter about the latest trending topics and make sure you never miss a bite in the hot cake. Moreover, if there are any upcoming matches, you’ll find a full-fledged analysis of the game which includes statistics as well as comparison between the teams. There are more than 1000 statistics and data points that this app covers. So there’s going to be a lot more information than you expected.


Next we have the player info. OnPoint Sports has dedicated player pages containing all the details of his career. So if you have any doubts regarding a particular player, you can clear them up quickly. Another amazing feature of the app is the live detailed play-by-play supported by field animations. So even if you couldn’t make it to the TV Screen for the match, you still don’t miss even an inch of the ground. Scores and live game highlights need not be mentioned.

So the next time your team is up for a challenge, don’t forget to support them. In case you have a lose mind and you need to set a reminder, then don’t go anywhere else. The app allows you to set alerts for upcoming games and scores. What more do you need?

OnPoint Sports is available for free in the Play Store. I don’t think you need any more reasons to download this one, do you?

Pros: live scores and highlights; live detailed play-by-play; Twitter feed; team comparison charts; player pages; free.

Cons: none.

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