The Ozoneplay Iphone App Review

by Jan 23, 20170 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Ozoneplay Limited
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, fun, simple
Negatives : none

Ozoneplay is a popular app for the Iphone that enables users to play free games online. The good thing with this app is that you have a chance to win real cash prizes as you enjoy your favorite games. The idea behind this app is to use your gaming skills to compete in a wide range of games available. Ozoneplay is downloaded on the apple store before being installed in devices such as Iphone, iPad and the rest. Upon registration, you are given a bonus of $5 to get started. Ozoneplay offers players with a platform to play different online games in one place. You will also notice that the platform comes with a user friendly interface that makes it easy for users to see links and buttons for playing the games. This is important as it eases the process of playing the games.


How it works

Ozoneplay launched an online platform where people can play different computer games in one place. By choosing a game that you understand and are good at, you stand winning some money on the platform. Just like many other players on Ozoneplay, you get to choose your favorite game from a list before playing to the best of your skills. And if you are able to beat competition, you can be able to earn the rewards. The good news is that the platform adds new games every week. You can also invite your friends to play the games against you.

When you have played enough free games and are ready for competition, you can enroll in weekly, one on one or multiplayer competitions. If you are lucky enough, you can earn monetary rewards. Ozoneplay has changed the world of mobile games by creating a platform for mobile users to access different mobile games under one roof. Although you start by playing your favorite games for free, you can choose to enter competitions for as little as $0.25. And with updates in the platform, users can now create their own competitions and invite their friends to play.

What distinguishes Ozoneplay from other types of online games is the fact that it does not have advertisements. This improves user experience as they can concentrate on playing the games without getting interference from popups or banners.


The Pros

Ozoneplay offers many benefits to players. This includes:

Availability of new games every weekYou can play free games for fun or engage in competitions for real cash prizesDifferent cash competitions available. No ads or bannersYou do not have to pay anything to play the gamesYou can play with friends


Some mobile games are not yet available on the platformYou cannot access individual game’s customer supportDue to the large number of games listed, it can be hard to find your favorite games.


Ozoneplay is a convenient gaming platform that brings different types of games under one platform. If you like playing mobile games, you will get a lot of convenience on this platform. You just need to download it to you phone and when you open it, you will find that it is easy to use.

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